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A Vegan Christmas

A Vegan Christmas - theskinnyfoodco

A Vegan Christmas

Buying for a Vegan family member and have no idea what to buy for Christmas dinner? Or, are you an experienced Vegan looking for new and delicious ways to veganise your favourite Christmas dishes?

Whatever your motive, this comprehensive Vegan Christmas Guide has you covered for this year - so you can prove that one "so what do you eat then, grass?" family member wrong, and avoid this from happening:

Vegan Christmas Food

To clarify, being a Vegan means that you cut out all animal foods and products from your diet - and yes, that means cheese too (we know, it's a hard life being Vegan).

Most people go Vegan for environmental reasons, or for moral reasons due to the unethical treatment of animals.

So, what do Vegans eat on Christmas Day?

The Main Event

Vegans cannot eat Turkey, or any meat for that matter - so, what can they eat for their Christmas Protein?

Roast Chicken dish

There are so many options when choosing what Vegan main you want to serve for Christmas Dinner. Whether it's a Vegan Mushroom Wellington, a Mock-Meat Turkey Crown, or perhaps a classic Nut Roast?


There's lot of vegan alternatives to meat that you can find in your local supermarket, or look up some tasty vegan recipes if that's more your style! Don't be afraid to go for it.

To save you the hassle of finding the best Vegan Centrepieces, check out our vegan Christmas dinner recipe guide, complete with breakfast, dinner, side orders, desserts & more. 

Stuffing and Gravy

You'll be pleased to know there's lots of Stuffing and Gravy products that are suitable for vegans that you can easily purchase from your local supermarket. 

You can either purchase own-brand Stuffing and Gravy or branded - just make sure to read the label to double check.

Top tip: Some packaging on products will say 'Suitable for Vegetarians' and 'This product may contain: milk, eggs, etc' - this still means it is suitable for Vegans, so don't worry!

Veggies and all the Trimmings 

We all know that Vegetables and Potatoes are vegan, but what isn't vegan is the cheeky ingredients people use to cook them in, and lets not forget the small finishings that people add at the end.

Carrots and Sprouts

For example, a lot of people will use goose fat to crisp up them potatties - but there are numerous ways to achieve this crispy texture without using animal products. To make crispy potatoes, ensure your potatoes are not wet after washing and remove all the starch so they are drive before you roast them. You can also heat up oil in the oven (and why not add some fresh garlic) on a baking tray for 15-20 minutes, then add your potatoes!

You should also be careful to not cook your veggies in butter too, there are lots of vegan butter alternatives in your local supermarket.

For those who live on the sweeter side of life, honey is a great pairing with Parsnips - however, many vegans do not consume honey. The Skinny Food Co have an excellent Vegan Honey Syrup which is not only delicious but sugar free!


But ... what about the Cheese Board?

Vegan Cheese has developed tremendously over the last couple years, there is now an abundance of vegan cheese to choose from which can be purchased from your local supermarket or online.

Classic Cheese Board

Here are some of our favourite Vegan Cheese retailers and products, perfect for Christmas:

TheVeganKind Supermarket Cheese Collection

Honestly Tasty (Vegan Cheese and Condiments)

Sainsbury's Plant Pioneers Vegan Cheese Selection Pack

Alcohol and other beverages

Most alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are vegan, so here we thought we'd include some delicious festive drink recipes and tips for this Christmas.

Vegan Baileys

Finally, you can enjoy your favourite creamy festive drink completely veganised this Christmas! All you need to do is follow this simple recipe - you won't regret it.


Gingerbread Latte / Hot Chocolate

A true Christmas classic.

Our Zero Calorie and Sugar Free Gingerbread Barista Syrup is a gorgeous blend of gingerbread, cinnamon, cloves, and molasses this syrup is the perfect addition to your hot drinks if you love the wintery reminder of ginger and spice. 

Add to coffee, hot chocolate or baking recipes - whatever you desire. 

Available in 1 Litre, Barista Shot, and Flavour Drop sizes.

Photo Credit: @slimdownwithclaudia  

Hot Chocolate with Sugar Free Gingerbread

Skinny Cocktail Mixes

We have an ever-growing Sugar Free Cocktail Mixes Range! In fact, we've just added FIVE new flavours, including Long Island Iced Tea, Espresso Martini, Apple Martini, Cosmopolitan and Mai Tai flavours.

Other flavours include Margarita, Mojito, Sex on The Beach, Porn Star Martini, Peach Bellini and Pina Colada. 

Shop our Skinny Cocktail Mixes Range.


Cocktail Guide with our Cocktail Mixers


Be careful with wine

A lot of wine is vegan, but red wine is the safest option. So, be careful if you're buying white or rose wine as some are not suitable for vegans.

Prior to purchasing a bottle, research its ingredients as some do not have their ingredients listed on the packaging.

Prosecco is also vegan friendly, but again, ensure you're doing your research prior to buying any just to be on the safe side.

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Range of Festive & Christmas products





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