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8 Delicious Fakeaway Meals You Can Make at Home

8 Delicious Fakeaway Meals You Can Make at Home - theskinnyfoodco

 8 Delicious Fakeaway Meals You Can Make at Home


Ever wanted to make your favourite takeaway dishes from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can with the Skinny Food Co Fakeaway Sauce Range!

Our Fakeaway Sauces taste like the real deal, including flavours from all around the world such as Chinese, Indian, Portuguese Peri-Peri, Jamaican Jerk, Mexican Fajita, Kebab, Burger and Pizza Sauces.

Not only are our Fakeaway Sauces delicious - they are also low sugar, low calorie, gluten free and vegan friendly!

Here we have ideas on how to incorporate our Fakeaway Sauces into some delicious dishes.


1. Chinese Styled Stir Fried Veg with Noodles

 A quick and easy dish packed full of flavour!

Chop some of your favourite vegetables, chicken or tofu (optional) and cook in our sugar free Chinese Fakeaway Curry Sauce to recreate your favourite Chinese Takeaway Dish. Poor on a bed of cooked noodles and enjoy!

Feeling daring? You can also add our Chinese Fakeaway sauce to egg fried rice!

 Chinese styled stir fried vegetables with noodles

2. A Tasty Burger

A classic takeaway favourite.

Introduce some creamy, tangy and flavoursome taste to your burger using our low sugar Burger Sauce - you're welcome.


3. Chicken Fajitas

Love a Mexican takeaway? Well, now you can ensure your takeaways stay Guilt-Free with our Mexican Fajita Fakeaway Sauce!

It's the perfect blend of Tomato, Cumin, Paprika and Oregano. Use the sauce as a marinade for some delicious chicken, or simple drizzle into your fajita wraps for that authentic Mexican Restaurant experience with less sugar and fewer calories! 


4. Chicken Tikka Kebab

Recreate some of your favourite authentic kebabs with our non-diary and sugar free Kebab Fakeaway Sauce.

Our creamy and minty sauce is jam-packed with herbs and authentic flavours - perfect for any dish! 


5. Indian Styled Fried Rice

Our Indian Mild Curry Sauce is perfect when recreating some of your favourite Indian Takeaway dishes, such as Indian Styled Fried Rice!

Our Indian Curry Sauce acts a a great cooking sauce, a trusty dip or drizzled over your favourite dishes.

Our Indian Fakeaway Sauce is also sugar free, gluten free, low calorie, vegan friendly and delicious - what's not to love? 

Indian fried rice

6. Homemade Pizza

Our Fakeaway Pizza Sauce can be used to make a delicious homemade pizza and other tasty dishes!

Our low sugar Pizza Sauce tastes amazing mixed into some veggie pasta, as a dipping sauce or even on a low-calorie burger! Now you can enjoy great-tasting comfort food for less sugar, calories and fat.



7. Peri Peri Chicken Pasta

Our Peri Peri Chicken Pasta is packed full of flavour and acts as a healthy alternative thanks to our Peri Peri Fakeaway Sauce.

Now you can recreate the perfect Portuguese Fakeaway with less sugar and fewer calories, but the same amazing taste. Our Peri Peri Fakeaway Sauce has flavours of chilli, cumin and paprika, with hints of garlic, will add a tasty, tingly flavour to your meal. 

Our Peri Peri sauce is also best served on chicken dishes, like chicken wings, cauliflower wings or burgers - this sauce brings the flavour! Why not try a vegetable dish or even fish, our Peri Peri Fakeaway sauce will add immense flavour and citrusey-zest to any meal. 

 peri peri pasta

8. Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Our Fakeaway Jerk Sauce is perfect with any chicken dish!

Bringing the spice to your meal, you can now enjoy a tasty Jamaican Fakeaway from the comfort of your own home with our Jerk Fakeaway Sauce.

Use as a cooking sauce, as a tasty marinade or drizzle all over your tasty rice dish, this sauce is packed full of amazing spices, making it truly irresistible! 

A tangy Jerk flavour, with Chilli powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and thyme, this sauce adds a Jamaican kick to any dish you add too. Perfect to cook with chicken, lamb and even fish dishes.



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