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Baked Pizza Crumpets

Baked Pizza Crumpets - theskinnyfoodco

Baked Pizza Crumpets

If you were lucky enough to catch our Live on Friday lunchtime, then you'll have seen Kim create this easy, but super tasty dish! Our Pizza Baked Crumpets are made using our Low Sugar Fakeaway Pizza Sauce - so versatile, it can be used on anything, from pastas, to burgers to these delicious crumpets! Make sure you check out all of our Fakeaway recipe blogs for more ideas! 

If it's low sugar and filling lunches your after, check out this recipe... 


 Serves 1

 You will need: 

2 crumpets

30ml Fakeaway Pizza Sauce

50ml almond milk

1 large egg

1 salad tomato

20g light cheddar 

1 mini Pepperami

How to make: 

1. Cut each crumpet into halves and top with a dollop of our Low Sugar Fakeaway Pizza Sauce. Use a knife to spread the sauce and layer them into an oven proof baking dish. 

2. In a jug, add 50ml of almond milk and 1 large egg, whisking this together and pouring over the crumpets. 

3. Slice one large salad tomato, adding the slices and 20g of grated light cheddar on top of the dish. 

4. Slice up 1 mini Pepperami and sprinkle these on top. 

5.Cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes and serve. 

Calories & macros:

For this delicious lunchtime treat, there is 405 calories, 43g of carbs, 15g of fat and 21g of protein. 



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