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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 71 Dan

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 71 Dan - theskinnyfoodco

Meet Dan

Dan is a 40 year old personal trainer from Gloucester. 6 years ago he began his incredible transformation of losing 12 stone. Dan joined us at Skinny Food Co to share his journey of how he rebuilt himself and became the man and father he had always wanted to be.

How did Dan begin his transformation?

Dan’s transformation began with one small step: sauces. Dan was ‘mad for sauces’ and would ‘drown things in Mayonnaise’ to the point of people asking ‘do you want any chips with that sauce?’. Dan made the decision to switch to Skinny Food’s zero calorie sauces, which was the beginning of the ‘domino effect’ to his transformation. 

Dan describes Skinny Food products as his ‘weapon’. He puts in the hard work, but has his weaponry there to support him on the way.

Dan has tried many diets, and says that with Skinny Food Co, ‘you don’t feel like you’re on a diet’ because being on a diet often makes you feel ‘grumpy’, making it extremely difficult to keep it up. Dan discusses that using Skinny Food products is a much more consistent way to achieve his goals because he could just replicate the things he loves. 

What other Skinny Food products does Dan enjoy?

Like many of us, Dan loves sweet things. He mentions his love for chocolate spread and jam, and has found that he can easily switch to Skinny Food spreads and jams because they ‘taste exactly the same’. He even admits to eating the chocolate spread straight out the jar!

Dan is also a big fan of Skinny Food barista syrups - specifically the French Vanilla, as he mentions is his favourite! He discusses how he can save money (and calories) and enjoy an Americano at home by adding in a shot of the zero calorie syrup, and it tastes ‘banging’.

How did Skinny Food Co help Dan during his journey?

A big thing for Dan was being able to find a way to achieve his goals whilst remaining happy. Dan had noticed that when trying out diets, he often felt excluded due to the restrictions on what he could/couldn’t eat. 

He shares a wonderful memory of when he and his family were making pancakes using Skinny Food pancake mix and Skinny Maple Syrup


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