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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 16 Lee McGregor

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 16 Lee McGregor - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP Lee McGregor

The Skinny Food Co sat down with Lee McGregor, current British Commonwealth EBU European Champion, to talk about his journey to success in the boxing arena.

How did you get into boxing?

From a young age boxing was always in my family. My family are big fans of boxing and from a young age we watched it on the TV and never looked back really.

Do you need to make sacrifices in your life to ensure boxing is your main focus?

100%, I have to make so many sacrifices and there's so much the public don't see. The sacrifices made behind the scenes are unbelievable to ensure boxing is my main focus. At the moment I'm down in London and I'm so far away from my little girl and my partner won't be down until my next fight which is looking like 12-13 weeks away.

Did you ever think you would be where you are today in boxing?

It feels surreal to be honest, being where I am and thinking back to when I was a young kid watching professional fighters and now that's me.

To think I'm now British Commonwealth European Champion, it does feel surreal. I want to keep on improving and getting bigger and bigger. There is no ceiling to my success and I want to go as far as I can.

What is your biggest achievement?

Definitely becoming British Commonwealth European Champion within 10 professional fights and only being 24 years old. 

What would you say to aspiring boxers?

I'd say to the youngsters coming through and aspiring boxers to make sure your diet is right. Diet plays a huge role in boxing, nutrition is key so I would definitely get yourself clued up on the nutritional side of things. You'll feel a lot better and you'll perform better - you are what you eat.

What are you typically eating in a normal routine?

My normal routine in training camp will porridge in the morning, for lunch a baked potato with tuna or a chicken salad, something like salmon with rice for dinner for snacks usually yogurt with berries. I always make sure I have a balanced diet and make sure I'm getting enough protein, carbs and healthy fats. It's important I get plenty of protein after and before training, and carbs after a hard sessions for energy.

Do you have to be strict with your diet?

I have to be very strict when it comes to my diet, it takes a lot of sacrifice and discipline to get down to fighting weight but it's all worth it. It is a hard journey as it can take possibly 3 months to be ready for a fight.

What Skinny Food Co products do you enjoy the most?

The Spreads, they are unbelievable. Everyday without fail I'll use the Skinny Food Co Syrups which are another one of my favourites. Yoghurts as well as porridge mixed with fruit and the Skinny Food Co Peanut Butter is a game changer. I also love the sauces for my meals and salads, they really make a difference and makes boring food enjoyable

Cannot forget the coffee baristas as well, they are also brilliant.



Do you usually speak to your competitors after a fight?

Not really, you have respect there after the fight. You'll shake hands and say "good fight", but not much more than that.

What is it like behind the scenes leading up to a fight and after?

Behind the scenes before a fight is very chilled, I like being away from everyone and having my own thoughts. Relaxing and focusing on what I need to do, usually listening to my music and save as much energy as I can to get my mind ready for the job in hand.

After the fight is more relaxed, I can catch up with family and enjoy junk food after being strict for so long. You'll start to enjoy yourself for a little bit and then be ready to go again.

What big things are happening next for you?

There are big things in the horizon, nothing officially confirmed yet but exciting things lined up.

By Summer 2022 I would like to be challenging for a World Title, if I can get 1 or 2 fights in between then that would be great.

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