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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 65 Clair

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 65 Clair - theskinnyfoodco
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Meet Clair

I was slim until I reached 18 and moved away from home, since then I just piled on the pounds and fell out of love with myself. I didn't look after my body and I saw myself as a lost cause but told others the usual "I'd rather be happy and fat!". I didn't want to work to lose weight, I wanted it now! Maybe one day I'd wake up skinny? Food poisoning? Coma? Tapeworm? Literally anything other than being in a calorie deficit and increasing my activity levels. Due to this mentality, I just kept putting on weight by remaining sedentary and making poor food choices.
I have struggled a lot with my mental health in the past which has led to me being hospitalised multiple times, the tail end of last year I started to notice my MH was deteriorating a fair bit so I wanted to take steps to prevent it getting any worse. I contacted my doctor, received counselling, I started practicing wellness, I tried sleeping better, reduced screen time, I had even bought crystals in case that would work! All of these things just felt like solutions and not preventative measures.
I decided to clean up my diet & start exercising as a last effort to take control, I told myself I'd do it for 6 weeks and if I saw no improvement in my mood then I could bin it off. Six weeks of my new lifestyle eventually passed and I was full of energy, I had lost a stone already and I had noticed a marked improvement in my overall wellbeing. I decided to stick with it because the habit had already formed and my weight loss journey has been a pleasure! I found an exercise I enjoy (strength and resistance training) and stuck with it, not a single burpee in sight! I've not starved to get to where I am, I've prioritised protein and have been calorie smart with my indulgences thanks to the Skinny Food Co! I may be at my goal weight now but I'm not going to stop having all of the yummy food that the Skinny Food Co offers, I may even be in the running to being their biggest fan!

Why did you choose to use the Skinny Food Co products?

My first order was for BBQ sauce, salted caramel syrup and high-protein wraps, I hadn't even tried any of their products or even heard about what they're like. I thought they're worth a go for the calorie savings alone, I'm insanely happy I chose to try them. I'm convinced there's always a sale on the website so tasty new finds are easy to come by!

My top 3 products from Skinny Food Co are:

I have quite a few products that I absolutely love, but if I had to pick just 3 it would be

Billionaires Shortbread Syrup and Hazelnut Chocoholic Spread are absolute staples in my kitchen to pair with my protein pancakes and baked oats.
Protein Duo Bars are perfect for that chocolate fix whilst hitting my macro goals, keeping me fuller for longer.
Peach or Lemon Iced Tea has been my summer staple, blend it with a bit of ice and frozen fruit and it will change your life!

How has Skinny Food Co helped you achieve your goals?

The Skinny Food Co's products have aided me in my journey by offering low/zero sugar, low calorie, tasty alternatives to the often opposite indulgent alternatives. It's often hard to believe that the products are that low in calories, and the taste is never sacrificed. As the products are so low in calories, I can have more of them without any feelings of guilt whatsoever. The only problem is that there is so much choice! I've still got to work my way through so many more of their range, I'm sure I'll eat my way through it all eventually but it may take me a while.

What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?

Do it. Do it for yourself.
Losing weight or achieving your body goals does not have to mean you have to eat what you don't like. Don't jump in head first, just make small sustainable changes and build healthier habits over time. Practice moderation but still enjoy life. Never restrict or eliminate foods, just find alternatives that fit in your calorie budget. 

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