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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 62 Scott

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 62 Scott - theskinnyfoodco
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Meet Scott

I’m 48 years old, and a safety manager. I have always been involved in sports to a high level, from representing Great Britain as a Hammer Thrower at 17 years old, to winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Playing semi-professional rugby and most recently powerlifting and winning the WDFPA World Deadlift Championship in 2016, it’s safe to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being active throughout my life. 

However, whilst I have always enjoyed sports, most of the sports I chose to partake in were power-based, with little emphasis on cardio-vascular fitness. 

Subsequently, I have always carried weight on me, and after retiring from powerlifting in 2017, I gained more weight, up to 151kg, putting me at 23 stone, and at the risk of obesity. 

I began my weight-loss journey in May 2021, and began losing weight slowly. 

In October 2021, I suffered a heart attack and was fitted with stents. I had been losing weight up to that point, but decided I needed to improve and take up hiking and wild camping to make more of an effort to lose weight and in general become healthier.

By September 2022, I was down to 127kg , and had lost over 4 stone, when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 

This motivated me ever further, and by the end of December 2022, I had lost an additional stone. I now weighed 18 stone.

Why did you choose to use the Skinny Food Co products?

I had started using The Skinny Food Co Products in September due to their low/no sugar content, this allowed me to replace some of the foods that I enjoyed without completely getting rid of them from my diet. 

In January I had started a meal replacement programme with my local hospital dietic department, with restricted calories (no more than 800kcal per day). 

My new goal is to lose an additional 10-15kg in an 8 week period with the goal of putting the type 2 diabetes into remission. 

I’m currently at week 6, and have already lost a further 16.1kg, making my current weight 16.6stone.

Choosing Skinny Food Co products was originally a combat to help with my diabetes diagnosis, but now I chose Skinny Food Co to assist in my diet, eating these sauces & syrups means I don’t have to have bland meals, and the very small calories in the products means I can still keep on track with my intake goals. 

My top 3 products from Skinny Food Co are:

There are quite a few Skinny Food Co products that have helped with my new diet and lifestyle, here are some of my favourites:

How has Skinny Food Co helped you achieve your goals?

By allowing me to replace sugar and thereby reduce any sugar cravings I have. 

The Skinny Food Co have also made it easier to restrict calories whilst still having some of the flavours I enjoyed without the added sugars and calories. 

What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals

Everything is achievable, if you work hard enough, maintain the right mindset and be smart about it. 

There are plenty of options available out there that will help you get there without feeling like you’re denying yourself from the things you like. 

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