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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 56 Joanne

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 56 Joanne - theskinnyfoodco
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Meet Joanne,

My weight-loss journey is a long one, I first started losing weight when I was 32 stone, and severely unhappy. 

I couldn't cook, didn't exercise and was the lowest and worst version of myself, I had completely given up. 

I knew I had to turn things around, and began my weight-loss journey, reaching achievements one week at a time, and I was happy that I'd lost a large amount of weight and was looking & feeling better, but I was SO bored!

I'd reached a 10st weight loss, and at 22 stone, decided to stop. 

In July 2020, my mental health plummeted again, I knew that exercise boosted mood so decided I needed to work on myself to make myself happier again, I bought a £20 cross-trainer, made an upbeat playlist and got to work. 


Why did you choose to use the Skinny Food Co products?

The thing I didn't fully realise when I first began my diet journey, was that no matter how much exercise I did, my diet had to change. 

I couldn't have my morning mochas, cakes, chocolate pancakes or anything remotely sweet without having guilt. 

I felt utterly deprived, until one day when I was walking through one of my local stores and I spotted a zero-calorie, zero-sugar Salted Caramel Syrup.

It felt like all hope had been restored, I needed to try it and that was the turning point for me. 

I found all of the Skinny Food Co products, I found my favourites and quickly realised I could enjoy my diet again, no more feeling deflated, deprived and depressed by food. 

Since then I've gone on to lose another 5 stone and am now only 2 stones away from my goal weight. 

I can have my pancakes with chocolate sauce, I can have my mochas and I can even have trifles with custard thanks to Skinny Food Co. 

My top 3 products from Skinny Food Co are:

    • Mocha Creamer - I can't say this enough, it's my number one all-time favourite product without a doubt! It allows me to have a calorie-free, sugar-free barista-style coffee!
    • Banana Flavour Drops - These are perfect in porridge oats, mixed with peanut butter and Chocolate Sauce
    • Maple SyrupThe maple syrup tastes like other brands that contain high sugar levels. It allows me drizzle as much as I like without the calories.

How has Skinny Food Co helped you achieve your goals?

The Skinny Food Co has been such a great help when it comes to combating those sweet tooth sugar cravings. 

They stop me from ordering puddings or binging on chocolate, I get all the great sweet treats without the sugars. 

What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?


Take one day at a time. 


The best thing you can do is make a plan that you want to see through, identifying what your goals are and what your biggest triggers can be (this could be sugars or fatty foods). 

Find out what your weaknesses are and put something in place to help you deal with them, or find alternatives that are just as good

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