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Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: EP 55 Kristina

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: EP 55 Kristina - theskinnyfoodco
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Meet Kristina, 


I am a mother of three little ones who loves keeping fit & active and going to the gym. I became focused on improving my fitness with a goal to lose weight, and since then have achieved many of my personal goals, and am now more focused on building and maintaining muscle. 


Why did you choose to use the Skinny Food Co products?

I was searching everywhere for the perfect protein bars that were both high in protein but low in sugar, I needed to find protein bars that had less than 3g of sugar per bar. 

As soon as I tried The Skinny Food Protein bars I was impressed! they tasted great and they did exactly what I needed, helped me gain muscle and increase my protein intake, but also maintain a healthy balanced diet. 


My top 3 products from Skinny Food Co are:

  • Protein Bars - These were my main reasoning for trying The Skinny Food Co, they fit exactly what I was looking for and provided the right level of sweetness and protein. 
  • Chip Shop Curry - Alongside increasing my protein, my goal has been to continue with my balanced diet, having low-calorie low sugar options like this delicious sauce has been the perfect alternative when considering my new diet. 
  • Vanilla Cheesecake Flavour Drops - These are perfect when you're looking to add a sweet flavour without the sugar, they're great for baking, for oats, yoghurts & porridge and more. 

How has Skinny Food Co helped you achieve your goals?

At first, The Skinny Food Co helped me fight those sweet cravings, with loads of alternatives I felt like I wasn't limited to bland foods. 

I've now lost over 5.5 stone with the help of The Skinny Food Co products, regular exercise and focus.

Then, after I achieved my weight loss goal and started to focus on my protein intake, the protein bars were a godsend for fitting the right amount of sugar/ protein and calories I was looking for. They helped me with not only increased energy but also restore strength and muscle after an intense workout. 



What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?


Just give it a try, don't think too much and don't stress yourself out. 


Trying new products that fit within your new diet is essential, and really worth it. 


Especially for people like me who have sugar cravings and are looking for products that are still sweet with less sugar, I can't recommend Skinny Food Co enough if you're looking for this. 

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