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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 38 Jake & Anna

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 38 Jake & Anna - theskinnyfoodco
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Meet Jake

I've been a gym freak since my early teens, but also a massive foodie for as long as I can remember! I have a huge appetite which has helped me build a good amount of muscle over the years. I am a huge bodybuilding fan and have always followed the bodybuilding way of life - eat, sleep, train, repeat!

My goal is to build muscle and to do that I need to make sure that I am eating enough food to allow my body to perform optimally in the gym and recover from the intense sessions. Then, when dieting down for a show, I am working to reveal the hard work I have put in during the off-season. Training helps in all aspects of my life, it keeps both my body and mind strong.  

Jake Success Story

Meet Anna

I personally like a bit of extra weight on my body. Although, when I started the preparation for my show, I had to lose a lot of weight to allow my muscles to show. This meant I had to change my diet and have a very clean diet, which means I could not add sugar, fat, or cream to my meals. Skinny sauce was a huge help and allowed me to stick to the diet for the long term, as the products have almost or completely zero calories and sugar.


What's your favourite Skinny Sauce product?

Jake - Mine has to be Smokey BBQ for sure! That goes well with every meal! I also have a sweet tooth, so I love the Maple Syrup and Golden Syrup with my protein pancakes!

Anna - My favourite is the Chip Shop Curry Sauce! And I love the Hazelnut Non-Dairy Creamer in my coffee! ☕

How has Skinny food co helped you achieve your goals?

The Skinny Food Co products allowed us to mix up our meals a little more. That allowed us to add flavour and keep things interesting. If food tastes bland or boring, it can be nearly impossible to stick to a diet plan.

What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?

We would advise people to truly think about how important their goal is to them. If the goal is really important to you and you truly believe you can achieve it, then you will find a way. If you feel that you would struggle with motivation or struggle to find a plan that works for you, speaking to a fitness professional can be a huge help!

A really important insight would be to be conscious about what you eat because there are a lot of foods out there that have a higher sugar or fat content than you would think. Also, try to eliminate snacking in between meals, this will allow you to eat slightly larger, nutritious, great-tasting meals!

And last but certainly not least, it isn't always going to be easy. Sometimes you may be a little more tired or a little less motivated. But remaining disciplined, headstrong, and surrounding yourself with amazing friends and family, it is 100% achievable!

Eat More of What You Love. Eat Skinny! 


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