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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 30 Alison

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 30 Alison - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 30 Alison

Alison, 63 year old grandmother, has lost a total of nearly 12 stone in 18 months! 

Following the birth of her grandson, Alison found a new lease of life and decided to transform her diet and lifestyle.

Read her full story below.

Meet Alison

My name is Alison Berry I'm almost 63yrs old, I've been overweight for all my adult life and was in denial that I had plenty of time to do something about it.

I suffered a really bad flare up of my condition (diverticulitis) which ended me up in hospital gravely ill - thankfully I survived.

I cried myself to sleep often worrying that my life would be cut short by my medical condition and weight - then my daughter in-law gave birth to my first adorable grandson Joseph. My daughter in-law and son asked if I would look after him for 2 days a week when she returned to work, it was all I wanted to do.

I wanted to be the best nanna ever, to play in the park, take him swimming, sit in his little pop up tent - but the reality was I couldn't do any of that.

Something had to change, and quickly, so I joined a slimming group in October 2014 weighing 22st 1.5lb size 34/36. The biggest I've ever been, and heavily dependent on medication, I went on to lose 11st.7lb in 18months following a food plan and a simple walking routine - and I'm now medication free.

Why did you choose The Skinny Food Co?

I incorporated The Skinny Food Co into my menus, meaning I never missed out on my favourite dishes without adding many calories. I love creating homemade foods and use The Skinny Food and Fakeaway sauces almost daily.

What are your favourite products?

The Burger Sauce and the Maple and Golden Syrup being my favourite, but have just discovered the jams now too and can highly recommend this!



Life is good now I've lost my weight. I've become an adrenaline junkie with fire walks, treetop adventures, even the worlds fastest zip wire to name a few.

I won't say losing weight was easy, but with determination it's sure is worth it.



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