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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 26 Megan

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 26 Megan - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 26 Megan

Megan, Type 1 Diabetic, shares her story of living with Diabetes and how The Skinny Good Co products have helped support her with her condition. 

Meet Megan

I’m Megan! I’ve just turned 23 and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 2020! It was a shock, no-one in my family has diabetes & I knew nothing about it. I manage my diabetes with injections - a background insulin taken once a day & an injection for every single carb I consume. 

I graduated Uni last year and have a degree in criminology - I went to Lancaster Uni and I loved it. I currently work for the NHS . Me & all of my family are from Yorkshire (Hull) but I currently live near Blackpool. 


What regimes have helped you along your journey?

Due to my diabetes, I have to be careful with what I’m eating - how many carbs & how much sugar they have. I’ve completely had to change my lifestyle, I had 21 years without diabetes and having to watch what I eat, so had to adapt quickly to suddenly having to do that (which has been hard!). I try to be low carb/no sugar most of the time - or at least low sugar - I’m always so mindful of how many carbs/sugar is in something and now opt for the lower amounts where I can. 

Why did you chose Skinny Food Co Products?

I’d first seen Skinny Food products in a shop pretty soon after I’d been diagnosed. Seeing some of my favourite types of food but massively reduced in sugar / carbs meant I had to try it straight away I’ve got a huge sweet tooth and love anything sweet, it was one of the difficult habits to shake after diagnosis.

How have our products helped you?

To find a brand that was easily accessible, well priced, and diabetic friendly has made my transition into living with diabetes that little bit easier. It was tough at first as I felt I’d never be able to enjoy sweet treats again (or just ‘’normal’’, non-diabetic food in general). I’ve probably tried most, if not all, products by now and I’ve not once been disappointed by them. 

What is it about our products that you love?

I love that you can’t even tell they’re very low in sugar! It shows you really don’t need loads of sugar for something to taste nice and sweet! You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 

What is your favourite product?

I genuinely can’t just pick one! I love the chocolate spreads - (especially hazelnut milky & white chocolate hazelnut). I use the flavour drops every day for my porridge, the syrups are good and I love the bread/brownie/flapjack mixes. The Peanut Butter Cups Choco Drops and Syrups are good too!

What would you say to others who experience the same condition?

Living with type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats like everyone else does! You can still have them nice, sweet coffee’s with vanilla syrups. You can make brownies, and chocolate chip cookies! You can have chocolate spread on toast! Being diagnosed has been difficult for me in the sense of having to make such a big adjustment but with food alternatives like these, you can still enjoy all those things. 

Diabetes is a tough job to manage every single day, it’s okay to treat yourself and indulge some days.

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