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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 24 Jade

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 24 Jade - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 24 Jade

Jade, 29 from Cambridgeshire, started her journey 3 years ago. With help from a slimming programme and The Skinny Food Co products, 

Meet Jade

I'm Jade, I am 29 from Cambridgeshire, have an 11 year old son and have been with my fiancé for 6 years.

I have always been big and insecure, and around 3 years ago decided to do something about it. So, I started my journey at 18 stone and have now lost 7 stone!

What regimes have helped you along your  journey?

I joined a slimming programme to lose the weight. I never used to walk anywhere, but I started setting goals and walking at least 10k steps a day. Now, some days I do 40k and I love it!

Why did you choose The Skinny Food Co Products?

The Skinny Food products have been an absolute god send for me and my journey. I love coffee and would have at least 3 sugars, sweeteners just didn't taste the same but now I used the Skinny Food Co Salted Caramel coffee syrup! I also love the low calorie snacks that they offer, and the baking products too!

I would have found my weight loss journey a lot harder without The Skinny Food Co!

How have our products helped you?

The Skinny Food Co stopped me from caving in a lot of times, going on binges, and helped me to lose 7 stone.

What is it about our products that you love?

The flavours, and the fact there is so much variety and that they are guilt free too!

What is your favourite product?

I love them all but I would have to say the Barista Coffee Syrups. My favourites are English Toffee and Salted Caramel. Also, the chocolate spreads are amazing!

What would you say to others who wish to follow your journey?

Start today! Believe in yourself.

I never thought I had the will power to lose a stone, let alone 7! Some days it will be really hard and some days you will mess up, but pick yourself up and keep going! It's worth it.

Keep up to date on Jade's journey and follow her Instagram on @wilkosweightlossworld



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