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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 17 Steph

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 17 Steph - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 17 Steph


Steph's Story

I'm Steph - I'm from the North East and I am currently a full time carer to my disabled children.
I have always struggled with my weight and my body image, it has effected my mental health all my life.
When I was younger I didn't eat enough and I limited food intake to fit into beauty standards. I hated food. It wasn't until I fell pregnant I knew it wasn't just about me anymore and I needed to feed my twins.
I had a bad pregnancy and contracted sepsis; ending in me having to take steroids for the rest of my life after been diagnosed with Addison disease. My weight ballooned and I stayed nearly 20 stone for over 11 years.
I tried slimming groups multiple times but I could never stick to them after my first stone. Then in December 2020, I decided enough was enough, I can't keep blaming my eating habits on weight gain from the steroids; it was from what I was eating as well.
I have currently lost 6 stone 7lbs from a caloric deficit and exercise, and I'm wanting to lose 2 stone more to reach my goal weight. 
 Now know I can do it, I've broken the cycle and honestly wouldn't be where I am now without the products available from The Skinny Food Co range.


Why did you choose The Skinny Food Co Products?

I chose The Skinny Food Co products as they looked too good to be true the first time I saw them. To be able to enjoy foods, sauces etc. that are normally very high in calories for far less is amazing not only that they taste amazing as well.

Another big factor in choice is that not only are all the products available online, but retailers now stock products which are available straight away. I am a very visual person so to see products fit in with 'normal' items on the shelves was very appealing and tend to catch your eye.

How have our products helped you?

I honestly don't think I would have lost as much weight without The Skinny Co products along on my journey. I have such a sweet tooth, so to be able to snack on low calorie treats and dips that fit into my daily calories is a win/win for me. 

Skinny Food Co products help me to enjoy my favourite meals with my without the guilt of over eating. From being such a big eater my calories have been lowered so much, The Skinny Food Co products really make me feel like I'm not missing out.

What is it about our products that you love?

Skinny Food Co have such a huge range of products, there's something for everyone and are continuing to produce more products. For being low in calories this isn't shown in the price which is reasonable in comparison to other companies with low calorie substitutes. This is ideal for me as I don't have much income. I'm still not sure how you get things to taste the way you do and that's what I love, so much thought has gone into producing these products to taste like their competitors.

What is your favourite Skinny Food Co product?

I am obsessed with the Chocahoholic Drops, I eat 1 pack a day (sometimes two ). I can't wait to try the new Skinny Malt Balls! I can see them being a firm favourite too. I'm currently in love with The Skinny Food Co Spaghetti Noodles paired with Chicken Tikka Fakeaway and Sweet and Sour Fakeaway - I can feel so full and not want to binge like I do with other meals.

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