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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 15 Em J

The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 15 Em J - theskinnyfoodco
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The Skinny Food Co Customer Review: EP 15 Em J

Meet Em J! Em J has had a successful transformation journey and has shared her story with The Skinny Food Co.

Em J’s Story

I have lost 8 STONE, on my lifestyle transformation journey. I was 17 stone, addicted to sugary drinks and I was a late night/early morning takeaway, binge eater.

My health suffered massively because of my eating and drinking choices. I was suffering severe dizzy spells (to the point in time where I didn’t leave my house for 6 months due to the repercussions of the dizziness) and I was having palpitations, shortness of breath and chronic fatigue.

In 13 months, I have turned my life around! I have lost 8 stone and it has been 3 years since I last drank a sugary drink or ordered an early morning takeaway! 

I’m pursuing my passion of becoming a TV Presenter with my chat show DRINKS WITH EM J.

I’m also a ‘Weight Loss Hero’ on Channel 4s Show “Lose Weight Like Me”. I was 1 of 4 mentors who have lost a huge amount of weight and was chosen as a weight loss coach to show the nation how I changed my life and become the best version of myself through a sugar free and low calorie lifestyle.

Why did you choose The Skinny Food Co?

I was a sugary drink addict since I can remember, until I made the decision to change my life 3 years ago. I now only have sugar free drinks, both soft and alcoholic.

I love my drinks, for those who may have read about me in the press or watched my show Drinks With Em J will know I’m extremely passionate about my drinks (and that certainly hasn’t changed!) 

When I’m filming my chat show or when drinking socially, I don’t panic or worry about the sugar content or the added sugars now.

By me knowing that there is completely no sugar in The Skinny Food Co Pornstar Martini Cocktail Mix, I can maintain my sugar free lifestyle with the right balance that works for me of alcohol and soft drinks within moderation.

How has The Skinny Food Co helped your journey?

I chose to completely cut sugar out of my lifestyle, a personal preference, and a choice that I believe saved my life.

I have an extremely low sugar diet today with what I eat and drink. I always make a conscious effort to read the food labels in the shops before I put any items in my trolley.

The Skinny Food Co has helped me in a magnitude of ways. I have Dyspraxia, which is a neurological disorder of the brain which affects fine and gross motor skills. To be able to consume The Skinny Food Co products and not have to cause myself any anxiety by adding lots of different ingredients or measure out quantities of food and drink. 

The Skinny Food Co products are convenient and ready to go, it makes life much easier for me with my disability. What is important to me is I enjoy The Skinny Food Co and it has helped me achieve and sustain my 8 stone weight loss.

What Skinny Food Products are your favourite?

Drinks and Beverages are an extremely huge part of my life and who I am. I’m very passionate about drinks and the beverage world.

The Skinny Food Co Pornstar Martini cocktail mixer is my ultimate favourite. I have just started filming a new series of my show Drinks With Em J and I’m so thrilled to be incorporating and drinking the Zero Sugar Skinny Food Co Pornstar Martini cocktail with vodka on my show.

I also love The Skinny Food Sex on The Beach and Pina Colada Cocktail Mixes, Crunchy Peanut Butter and the low sugar Skinny Malt Balls!

The guests on my show will also be offered a Skinny Food Co Cocktail from Pornstar Martini, Sex on the Beach or Mojito Cocktail Mixes.

Follow Em J on:

Instagram: @emjcartertv

Youtube Channel: DRINKS WITH EM J




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