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Gingerbread Truffles Recipe

Gingerbread Truffles Recipe - theskinnyfoodco

Want some show-stopping desserts for your Christmas Party table? These delicious white chocolate & gingerbread truffles are an absolute MUST-HAVE for all festive feasts, gatherings & dinner parties. 

We've put together our favourite White Chocolate Chocaholic Spread and combined it with some crushed Gingerbread biscuits to create the ultimate mini festive nibbles. 

You may have tried chocolate truffles before, but these are like no other, they're quick and simple to make and can be made by using less than 5 key ingredients. 

Serves: 12 | Prep Time: 25 Minutes | Set Time 2 Hours | Total Time: 2 hr 25 Minutes | Calories: 190Kcal Per Serving 


White Chocolate Gingerbread Truffle Ingredients:

  • 250g Gingerbread Biscuits / Gingersnap Cookies 
  • 30g White Chocolate Spread
  • 200g White Chocolate
  • 10g Festive Sprinkles (star-shaped)

How to make it? 

1. Add the ginger biscuits to a medium bowl and crush with the end of a rolling pin, until you have ginger biscuit crumbs with a slightly crunchy texture.

2. add in the white chocolate spread to the mixing bowl and mix until it is combined, if it is a little dry and isn't sticking together add a little more chocolate mix.

3. Form into small balls and place in the fridge to set, we recommend setting them for 1 -2 hours to ensure the balls have solidified completely.

4. For the white chocolate coating we melt the chocolate bars in the microwave, this can be done with dark chocolate or milk chocolate it does not just need to be our white chocolate mix.

4. Dip the balls in the chocolate and coat

5. Add sprinkles onto the top of the balls and put them back into the fridge to set


Gingerbread Truffles


And there we have it, our super-easy 5-step recipe for making the perfect truffles in chocolate with a festive twist. The chocolate dip can be altered to the individual and personal preference, choose from white chocolate or milk chocolate to coat and explore our range of chocolate spreads that can offer a richer taste for your biscuits.




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