Summer Dessert Bundle (Save £3.99)

The Skinny Food Co

We want you to enjoy a delicious but healthy Summer Dessert.

Our Summer Dessert Bundle aims to give you just that! Packed full of low calorie items to give you the ultimate healthy dessert this Summer. 

If you love our all things sweet but want to reduce your sugar and fat intake and get a huge saving, buying all 4 of these products together in this bundle is perfect for you!

Order yours today for only £12.97

If purchased separately would cost £16.96. Purchase now for £12.97 saving £3.99!

What's included?

- 1 x Low Sugar Pancake Mix Packs (10 Pancakes)

- 1 x White Chocolate Spread (350g)

- 1 x Vanilla Syrup (425ml)

- 1 x Salted Caramel Syrup (425ml)

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