Pay Day Bundle - Customer Favourites

The Skinny Food Co

Pay Day Bundle - Huge Savings of £7.46

Pay Day Weekend means one thing... TIME TO SHOP FOR ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS!

Introducing the Pay Day Bundle, which is stacked with our best sellers, customer favorites, and a new product. This Bundle is designed so you can try a bit of everything at an INSANELY cheap price!

You can enjoy a range of our healthy products and get this delicious bundle for ONLY £12.49 (Usually £19.95!!)

What's included in this Pay Day Bundle?

Tomato Ketchup Virtually Zero® Skinny Sauce (Worth £3.99)
Smokey BBQ  Virtually Zero®Skinny Sauce (Worth £3.99)
Maple #NotGuilty Zero Calorie Sugar Free Syrup (Worth £3.99)
Golden Syrup #NotGuilty Zero Calorie Sugar Free Syrup (Worth £3.99)
Skinny Low Sugar Hazelnut Milky Chocolate Spread (Worth £3.99)