High Protein Chocolate Donuts - Low Calorie & Low Sugar

Jim Buddy's

Jim Buddy's Chocolate Protein Donuts - Available in Singles or save more by purchasing a Box of 10! 

The original low calorie, high protein doughnut - pack an unbelievable amount of fun and flavour into one soft, guilt-free, fresh-baked authentic ring doughnut!

  • High Protein - Up to 11g Protein
  • Low Calories - Less than 130 Calories
  • Low Sugar - Less than 5g Sugar 
  • No Chemicals - with an ingredient list that has all recognisable ingredients in baking.

Jim Buddy's finest are the ultimate doughy and delicious healthy treats. Yes...now you CAN have your cake (well... doughnut!!) and eat it too!!

Nutritional Information & Ingredients