Carnival Style Candy Floss Maker - 400W

Global Gizmos

Global Gizmos Candy Floss Maker

This classic candyfloss maker lets you make your own fairground favourite candyfloss from scratch at home in minutes. This dynamic candyfloss maker is the perfect size and style to cater for kids’ parties and sleepovers. Create huge batches of cotton candy with just one spoonful of sugar.

How it works

The central head begins to spin and as the machine heats up it manages to spin sugar into bunches of delicious cotton candy. It includes a handy spoon to spin the sugar with.

How to use 

The central structure spins, forcing liquid sugar through its tiny perforations. From here as soon as the sugar hits the air it cools and re-solidifies, resulting in a web of sugary threads to develop in the bowl.