• Skinny Food Co 1 Litre Tea Syrup Bundle (All 4 Flavours) - theskinnyfoodco
  • Skinny Food Co 1 Litre Tea Syrup Bundle (All 4 Flavours) - theskinnyfoodco

The Skinny Food Co

Skinny Food Co 1 Litre Tea Syrup Bundle (All 4 Flavours)

Dairy free Fat free Gluten free Sugar free Vegan
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To be enjoyed hot or cold.

Make a deliciously healthy iced tea and bring the memories of hot summer days to the comfort of your home with these luscious Skinny Tea Syrups. Or - why not make a hot tea and curl up under a blanket in the winter months?

Super Convenient and Absolutely Delicious! Just like any market-leading teas, but with 0 sugar. These tea syrups are perfect for all occasions and can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere at any time.

What is included? 

  • NEW Lemon Sugar Free Tea Syrup 
  • NEW Peach Sugar Free Tea Syrup 
  • NEW Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Free Tea Syrup
  • NEW Strawberry Mint & Elderflower Sugar Free Tea Syrup

In typical Skinny Food Co fashion, all of our guilt and sugar free tea syrups are great if you’re counting your calories and suitable for any food intolerances.

Allergen free ✓
Keto & Paleo Friendly ✓
Gluten Free & Coeliac Friendly ✓
Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly ✓
Fat Free ✓
Dairy Free & Lactose Friendly ✓
No Added Sugar ✓
As seen on Slimming World, WW, My Fitness Pal App ✓

How To Use:

1. Iced Tea

To create a deliciously refreshing iced tea that's full of flavour add 1 part (25ml) syrup to 9 parts (225ml) of iced water and mix.

2. Hot Tea

To create a hot and cosy beverage add 1 part 25ml to 9 parts (225ml) of boiled water and mix.

3. Add to Soda or Lemonade

Use our Tea Syrups to jazz up some sparkling soda or lemonade by adding 1 part (25ml) syrup to 9 parts (225ml) of soda water and mix.

4. Make a Fruity Cocktail

Fancy a fruity cocktail? Simply add some of our sugar free Tea Syrup to your cocktail to add a zesty twist. 

Additional Information

Brand: The Skinny Food Co
Product Type: Sugar Free Iced Tea
Flavour: Strawberry Mint & Elderflower flavoured Iced Tea Syrup
Servings:  40 Servings

Find out how our products are helping and benefiting thousands of males and females. Read our success stories to find out how people are using Skinny Food Co products to help their lifestyle. Whether it be following a calorie counting diet, Slimming or Dietary plans, Health conscious, Reducing sugar intake or using due to food intolerances or even diabetes.

Skinny Foods
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Low Calorie
Fat Free

Confidently healthier. Deliciously full of flavour.

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