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Easy Recipes and Ideas for Busy Parents

Easy Recipes and Ideas for Busy Parents - theskinnyfoodco

Easy Recipes and Ideas for Busy Parents

With it being Stress Awareness Month, we understand that there is not a more stressful job than being a parent - especially a busy one! 

 We've created a list of recipes - from breakfasts and snacks, to lunch and dinners that we've previously created to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Meal time no longer has to be a stressful or rushed time, nor do you have to worry about what to feed the kids after their long day at school - our Skinny Food Co products are suitable for everyone - especially the children, and most of these recipes might require a little helping hand from them too (if not, they can do the washing up!). Now you no longer have to worry about what you can feed them when time is tight, our products are always low sugar, low calorie or fat free, as well as being suitable for all dietary requirements.

We've also enlisted the help of an amazing food blogger - Stef from  @dailydiaryofmeandmine over on Instagram. With just under 14,000 followers, her daily posts is a great place to come for inspiration on all things motherhood, lifestyle and raising children! From yummy food ideas to fitness to keeping the children entertained, Stef was one of the best people to come to to share some daily meals for you and the family to try! 

Breakfast Recipes 

If you're looking for a delicious breakfast that you can prepare the night before, then these Apple Overnight Oats are an amazing option. They take minutes to prepare, you could even batch cook these for the week and there are so many health benefits too! 

If apple's aren't your thing, you should definitely try our Banana Stuffed French Toast with Maple Syrup!  It's a delicious way to use up any ripe bananas you might have lying around, and is super quick to make! 

Lunch Ideas

We all love a sandwich at lunch time, but the need to switch it up is definitely important! Try these three Healthy Sandwich Ideas For a Delicious Lunchtime using our delicious Low Sugar Bread Mix it's low carb and gluten-free! If, like some of us you're still working from home, you could try making this Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap and serving it warm, at only 357 calories per serving, it's the perfect lunch for at home, or on the go and is super-filling! 

Dinner Time

Whether you're an at home parent, or a working one, dinner time isn't plain sailing everyday. Try out these recipes for some Easy Dinners for the Kids - these recipes are bound to be a hit, they're super easy and ready in minutes! 

Don't forget, our Low Calorie Pizza Bases make the base of a delicious pizza and they can be ready in less than 15 minutes! 

For some delicious pizza recipes, veggie and meaty, check out our Fakeaway Blog Section - we guarantee there is one for everyone! Have you seen our veggie-packed Easy Chicken Flatbreads yet? The flatbread recipe is only 2 ingredients and you can top these however you would like to suit the whole family! Oh, and they're super tasty! Check out the video below to see just how easy these are to create; 

 Snack Ideas

We all love a good snack throughout the day, but a high sugar chocolate bar or a plain banana really doesn't cut it everyday! Have you checked out our massive snack range on our website? We have some amazing third party brands, as well as our exclusive selection of products, all with either low sugar, low calories or low fat, there is something there for everyone to enjoy! 

Of course, this wouldn't be a Skinny Food Co Snack section without some delicious recipes for you to try at home too! These Nutty Raspberry Yogurt Cups were a huge hit at Skinny HQ, and as long as they are stored in the freezer, can last longer than a few days - perfect for batch cooking! Our Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tray Bake is another super easy recipe and would make the cutest editions to your kids lunch box, or even served with our Skinny Custard for a low sugar twist on school lunch puddings we used to devour as children! 

If a savoury snack is more up your street, check out our Pizza Pastry Pin Wheels - another super easy recipe, using only 5 ingredients, these are the perfect side for any lunches!

 What I Eat in a Day: Stef

Of course, being a busy parent isn't always about feeding the kids, but looking after yourself too! There's no longer any need to skip meals or grab a quick, high sugar snack for on the go! Stef has kindly talked us through her daily routine with Skinny Food Co, and we must admit, it all looks delicious! 

'Skinny Food Co provide low calorie alternatives to ingredients that are usually high in sugar and/or calories to help to enjoy the food you love with less guilt' 

 For breakfast, Stef enjoys a bowl of porridge using our Zero Sugar Porridge Oats - there is 97 calories per 25g serving so these are a great low calorie way to start the day! Topped with our Zero Calorie Golden Syrup and Low Sugar Blackcurrant Jam, there's no reason to lose out on flavour! 

Lunch is one of our super delicious Fakeaway Ready Meals - these are low in calories and sugar, but so filling! Perfect for busy parents on the go, as they are ready in less than 4 minutes. Containing less than 300 calories, these really are so convenient! In 6 delicious flavours, there is one for everyone! Pictured below is our Italian Tomato Fusilli Fakeaway, at an amazing 195 calories, how could you say no! 

Our Low Calorie Pizza Base makes the best dinners! At only 39 calories per slice, it's a delicious decision. Topped with our Low Sugar Pizza Sauce and some veggies, who said healthy eating had to be boring! 

'in between meals I snack on whatever I fancy. I try to keep it healthy and under 100 calories a snack but if I fancy some chocolate or a sweetie, I don't restrict myself. As long as I am within my daily calories' 



If you are a busy parent, and have some delicious meals or handy tricks you want to share, please get in contact! We'd love to hear more about what you eat and how our products can help! 



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