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5 Game Changing Skinny Food Co Hacks

5 Game Changing Skinny Food Co Hacks - theskinnyfoodco

5 Game Changing Skinny Food Co Hacks

Genius food hacks from The Skinny Food Co!

Good tasting and healthy food doesn't have to be complicated - with a few simple tricks you can save time, money and slash your sugar and calorie intake with our delicious Skinny Food Co product range.

1. Easy Food Swaps for a Healthier Diet

Dramatically decrease your sugar intake by making simple swaps with The Skinny Food Co.

Other popular brand products are usually jam-packed full of sugar and calories - here at the Skinny Food Co we make it our priority to provide good tasting and healthier products for those who are counting the calories, diabetic, or have food intolerances.

Our products are low in sugar/sugar free, low calorie/zero calorie, dairy free, gluten free and suitable for diabetics.

I mean, just look at those comparisons! 


 2. Make Affordable Homemade Starbucks Coffee

We've created the ultimate hack, making the popular Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino from home.

Using our Pumpkin Spice Barista Syrup and Non-Dairy Creamer, this hack will save you £3.93 and decrease your calorie and sugar intake dramatically.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino contains a whopping 420 calories and 66g of sugar, in comparison to our version of the Pumpkin Spice Coffee which contains only 5 calories and 0g of sugar - now that is worth the investment. 


3. Recreate your Favourite Takeaways at Home

Ever wanted to make your favourite takeaway dishes from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can with the Skinny Food Co Fakeaway Sauce Range!

Our Fakeaway Sauces taste like the real deal, including flavours from all around the world such as Chinese, Indian, Portuguese Peri-Peri, Jamaican Jerk, Mexican Fajita, Kebab, Burger and Pizza Sauces.

Not only are our Fakeaway Sauces delicious - they are also low sugar, low calorie, gluten free and vegan friendly!

Read more on how you can use of Fakeaway Sauces to recreate your favourite takeaways.

Chinese styled stir fried vegetables with noodles

4. Pizza 3 Ways

Pizza bases are so overrated... 

Here at The Skinny Food Co, we love a good pizza - so we decided to create 3 super simple and different ways to make pizza using our low sugar and gluten free Fakeaway Pizza Sauce.

 1. Pizza on a Crumpet

An unlikely duo, but work perfectly together!

Add our Fakeaway Pizza Sauce as a base to your crumpet and top with some grated cheese, chopped tomatoes and mini-pepperoni. Pop in the oven until the cheese has melted and enjoy!

 pizza crumpets

2. Pizza on a Pitta

These pitta pizzas are so easy to make and make the perfect serving size if you're cooking for one!

Simply pop your pitta bread in a toaster for around 1 minute just until it's ever so slightly toasted, spread tomato puree and our Fakeaway Pizza Sauce as a base and top with basil, chopped tomatoes and grated cheese.

Place your pitta bread on a tray and grill in the oven for around a minute, just until the cheese has melted and serve!

pizza pittas

3. Pizza in a Croissant

A French twist to your pizza.

Cut your croissant in half and fill with our Fakeaway Pizza Sauce, salami and grated cheese and pop in the oven until these cheese has melted - enjoy!

pizza croissants

5. Delicious Coffee on the Go

You can now enjoy delicious flavoured coffee on the go with our Barista Shots Range, available in Hazelnut Praline, Salted Caramel and French Vanilla flavours.

If you're an on-the-go commuter, a busy parent, or simply enjoy adding delicious flavours to your coffee then look no further, our sugar free 60ml coffee syrup shots are the perfect product for you!

With 30 servings per bottle, you can enjoy one of our bestselling syrups throughout the entire day.

You can purchase our Barista Shots as a Bundle or individually. 


Shop The Skinny Food Co products today!



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