The Skinny Food Co customers wanted a convenient shopping experience and the option to subscribe & save and not have to place frequent orders. Due to the demand we have launched a subscription service for all core products where you can save 10% on each product on every order.
The subscription is completely flexible and you can skip deliveries, update your delivery address, cancel your subscription and many other options are also available.


How to create a subscription.

To subscribe & save simply visit any of our core product page and click the 'Subscribe & Save 10%' instead of the one-time purchase option this will then enable you to create an account at checkout and have the ability to claim your discount subscribing and also to manage your account whenever convenient.

When clicking 'Subscribe & save 10%' you then can select the frequency of your orders from every 1-8 weeks. This is flexible and can be changed at any time.

Click 'add to cart'.

This will take you to the cart page, this is where you can review your order before submitting your order along the secure checkout procedure.

Create an account.

 We have made it optional to create an account upon checkout. This is so you can set your password and manage your account right from the off. It also means you should have everything you need to make the relevant changes/updates to your subscription orders.

Your account overview page.

To login to your account please click here
If you don't have an account and would like one you can register by clicking here.
Here is where you can make any necessary changes to your subscription. The functions within this are are:
Subscriptions - Manage your existing subscriptions.
Order history - View your previous orders and subscriptions.
Payment methods - Manage your payment methods. Add, remove and set as necessary.
Sign Out - log out of the subscription area.

Manage your future deliveries.

 Within your account you can manage all elements related to your upcoming delivery in the 'Subscriptions and orders' on the left side of the menu on desktop/mobile.

To access this, click on 'Subscriptions' at the centre of the screen, or "Subscriptions and orders" on the left-hand side menu on desktop or top-menu on mobile.

Open the subscription you want to manage by clicking on "View delivery". Here you can manage all aspects of your delivery.

In this section you can edit and modify your future deliveries and add/swap products and change quantities.

Delivery frequency - the intervals at which your orders will be sent to you.

Despatch date - the date when your next order will be sent to you.

Delivery address - This is the address you would like your order to be sent to. This can be amended here.

Skip a delivery - Chose to skip the delivery.

Cancel Subscription - If you wish to cancel you can also do this within your account area.

Please note it is the customers responsibility to manage your subscription and cancel any unwanted orders. The Skinny Food Co cannot accept any responsibility for re-generated unwanted orders. The returns policy does apply with subscription orders but the cost of shipping back to us will be made by the customer due to the error of not managing your own account.

If you have any other questions that may not be covered please contact our customer support team by email or live chat during business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.


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