We are not a physical store- to order your favourite Skinny Food Co products please shop online 

Being able to finally take a moment after the whirlwind which was January for the Skinny Food Co and properly announce the opening of the warehouse shop feels pretty unbelievable still. After the booming success of our brand online, the directors Wayne and James felt that it is only right to allow our loyal and potential customers to visit us in person in Arnold, Nottingham.



Although January 22nd 2020 feels like a lifetime ago, considering how much time has passed, it is never too late to announce our launch officially, on the website. With the products being a primary choice for those looking for a healthier alternative, fitness fanatics, parents, allergy sufferers and diabetics, our shop will be a welcome stop for those who find us. Proudly offering over 100 products which are all also available online, our customers can guarantee their cravings to be satisfied without the shipping fee.

Perhaps you have never ordered from us before and choose to come in to browse the full range; we are happy to announce that the shop stocks it all, from the famous sauces and syrups to the brand new additions such as tonics and meal replacement drinks.

Or it may be that you have shopped with us online and would prefer to see the entire range of products stocked on the shelf rather than on a more clinical webpage.

With upcoming springtime celebrations such as Mother’s Day and Easter, a lot of our new shop customers choose to come in to browse and purchase gifts for their loved ones. Our Easter Cream and Bakery Collection are selling fast off the shelves, both on and offline. The next time you are around for a shopping trip in the centre of the bustling Nottingham, please remember us and pop over for a quick chat and to pick up your new haul of sauces, ready for spring. Because we all know that the “New Year” means the “New You”, however, with the approach of spring, the statement actually feels accurate.

The simplicity of opening the doors of our warehouse shop to our broad customer base meant one thing; we are fully able to connect with you in person. This is such a significant aspect of the role for the Skinny Food Co employees; to be able to respond to questions in person, answer which products are our personal favourites, to provide advice and support person to person means that the job is done and done to the standard of the brand.

But don’t take my word for it, read the thousands of reviews of our customers who pop in to see us every week in order to stock up their own shelves at home! We love meeting you all, the shop has been such a wonderful addition to the already rapidly growing brand, it felt like a natural way of progressing when it comes to development.

That being said, we are more than happy to hear about your suggestions for stockists and where you would like to spot the Skinny Food Co products next. While we are in talks with major retailers still, smaller business also express a lot of interest to stock us, nationwide. We welcome your thoughts and views regarding this; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding stocking our calorie, sugar and allergen free sauces and syrups.


Our address is:

The Skinny Food Co
Unit 1 John Rann Business Park
Eagle Close

SUNDAY: 9am-4pm