Maca powder is a naturally very sweet root vegetable. It's almost pure super-nutrition, richly endowed with many essential and nourishing nutrients. No wonder it's evermore widely used and adored by our customers across the UK and Europe, finding its way into homemade chocolate and baking recipes, porridge, nut butter treats and all manner of sweet dishes and snacks.

Native to the Peruvian central Andes, and used from pre Incan times for nutritional purposes, maca is a tuberous root vegetable resembling a turnip which is naturally processed into a flour like powder. It is richly endowed with essential nutrients. Sprinkle liberally on muesli, in smoothies or add to other raw / home cooking recipes. Our maca powder is a mixture of three different types of maca root: 70% yellow maca 15% red maca 15% black maca


Maca powder, 70% yellow, 15% red, 15% purple (black)

Allergen Information

Packed on premises that handles nuts, seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Suggested Use

Guidelines: Upto 15g a day


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