#NotGuilty RawFruity Energy Balls Multipack (Cacao, Carrot & Peanut)

If you are looking for a healthy snacking option our #NotGuilty balls certainly tick the box. This yummy convenient on the go product comes available in 3 delicious flavours; Cacao, Carrot and Peanut. Designed to be a filling healthy snack or if you prefer use the resealable pouch to grab a quick nibble whenever you fancy it? Each pack contains 5 balls that will promise to be 5 delicious mouthfuls of joy!
Buy individually for £1.99 or 3 packets for £4.99.
Reasons to be happy..
Suitable for Vegans ✔️
Gluten Free ✔️
Non GMO ✔️
No Added Sugar ✔️
22/23 Calories Per Ball ✔️
Raw (No added nasties) ✔️
Great for snacking ✔️
Sugarwise Certified ✔️


Cocoa Balls: Dried raisins dried dates 10% cocoa coconut chia seed 8% sunflower.
Carrot Balls: Dried raisins dried dates carrot 10% coconut sunflower.
Peanut Balls: 
Dried raisins dried dates peanuts 10% coconut chia seeds 1


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