An Interview with Matt Windle

An Interview with Matt Windle | theskinnyfoodco

An Interview with Matt Windle: How Do Professional Boxers Prepare For Upcoming Fights? 

Ever wondered what a Light-Flyweight Boxer eats during fight preparation? Kim sat down with Matt Windle this week to discuss all things boxing, nutrition and fitness...


As an avid fan of Skinny Food Co products, Matt's preparation for upcoming fights relies heavily on food. On a strict low calorie and low carb diet, using Skinny Food Co allows Matt to add delicious flavours, meals to remain healthy and to stay in line with fitness and lifestyle goals. 

No one has to feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled at meal times with The Skinny Food Co!  

Matt's next fight is June 11th, broadcasting on TV app


If you missed it, you can catch it below 👇


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