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Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: Ep 34 Elise

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: Ep 34 Elise | theskinnyfoodco

Meet Elise

My name is Elise and I am a 29 year old Type 1 Diabetic from North Devon. I have been diabetic for 5 years and after the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with my diagnosis I have become really interested in how I can keep my blood sugar levels as stable as possible. A few years ago I was competing for GB in my age group for triathlons, now I am a competitive open water swimmer (when you live in devon why wouldn't you swim in the sea!). Therefore food has always been a big part of my life due to my sport. I have a healthy relationship with food, and becoming diagnosed with diabetes has taught me so much more about how different foods affect your body.

Why did you choose to use the Skinny Food Co products?

I have used skinny food products for a few years now, due to their low sugar content. Everyone responds to food and sugar differently, but I found it hard eating certain food and having to deal with the consequences of terrible blood sugars after. Having a long term health condition is going to impact your mental health, so for me, controlling my blood sugar levels the best I can has a positive impact on my mental health. I obviously still have terrible days of up and down sugars, I am by no means a "perfect diabetic" if there is such a thing! But low sugar snacks from skinny foods have helped me control my levels better.

What are your favourite Skinny Food Co products?

I have had a battle with porridge and trying to become friends with it over many's one of the breakfast items I can eat without a blood sugar spike and crash, however I think it tastes awful unless you chuck a whole load of peanut butter or nutella in there. But I have started using the skinny food syrups in the porridge and now it tastes like the golden syrup porridge but without allllll the sugar. Also the low sugar chocolate spread has become one of my best friends 

How has The Skinny Food Co helped you achieve your goals?

I can leave the house being comfortable in the knowledge that my sugars won't spike now I have the syrup in my porridge or the protein bars for breakfast. It's just given me peace of mind knowing I am controlling my levels to the best of my ability.

What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?

Once you find what works for you then things get easier, I used to only want cereal for breakfast because I couldn't find anything I liked to replace it. But now I have found products that fit into my everyday life and help me manage my diabetes its great

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