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Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: EP 25 Holly

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: EP 25 Holly | theskinnyfoodco

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: EP 25 Holly

Holly, from Leicestershire, started her weight loss journey in 2021. With help from a calorie counting and The Skinny Food Co products, Holly has lost an impressive 6 stone!

Meet Holly

I’m Holly and I live in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. I’m a wife and mum to three boys and I work within my parents business in the textile industry. 
I started my weight loss journey in January 2021. I already had weight to lose but I gained even more over the lockdowns and I knew something had to change. I’ve done so many diets in the past but always struggled to keep going and usually by the end of the year I had gained all the weight I had lost. Instead of crash dieting, I decided to calorie count, track my macros and not cut food groups out, plus allow myself the odd treat.
From the start, I trained with a trainer three times a week and I fell in love with exercise and running. My main form of exercise is Muay Thai boxing plus weights and toning exercises…I love it. 14 months later, I’ve lost just over 6 stone, I’m still going strong and still 100% focused on reaching my goals and changing my lifestyle for good.

What regimes have helped you along your weight loss journey?

I now train 4 times a week and try to run on the days that I don’t train. My main form of exercise is based around Thai Boxing which I love. Also within my training sessions, we incorporate strength and toning exercises and lots of core work. I really enjoy it which is so important.

Why did you choose The Skinny Food Co Products?

The Skinny Food Co products have been a complete game changer. I have a sweet tooth and their products allow me to get my sweet fix without all the calories. I love their spreads and syrups which I have every morning with my porridge and I can’t drink coffee without their French vanilla or salted caramel barista syrups. The chocoholic snack pots and snack bars are also delicious. My children also eat the products and love them. They are a huge fan of a popular chocolate spread but now eat the Skinny Food hazelnut spread and they love it just as much and it has a fraction of the sugar.

How have are products helped you?

The products have helped me stick to my food plan and allow me to have sweet treats without all the calories and sugar. I do have a sweet tooth and their products have 100% helped me stay on track. They taste amazing.

What is it about our products that you love?

I love that the products taste good. Some low fat/low sugar companies lack in taste and you can tell they are a low sugar product…skinny food co you can’t. Also, I love how versatile the products are.

What is your favourite product of ours?

I have two favourite products. I love the salted caramel spread and the French vanilla barista syrup. I have them every single day…I would struggle without them.

What would you say to others who wish to lose weight?

For anyone wanting to lose weight, I would say ‘Go for it.’ It’s not always easy, there are good and bad days, it’s not a quick journey, but if you keep going, you will get there. Certainly for me, having products like this within my diet has helped massively.

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