Why We're Partnering With UKSCF

Why We're Partnering With UKSCF | theskinnyfoodco

Did you know that we’ve currently partnered up The UK Stem Cell Foundation throughout the month of November? This is our first charity partnership and we couldn’t be more privileged to begin this area of our business with such a fantastic cause. To celebrate this new venture of ours, we thought we’d give you an insight as to why we have chosen UKSCF as our first charity partner.


The UK Stem Cell Foundation is a charity that raises money strictly for stem cell research. Stem cell research is carried out in order to develop treatments that could be the answer to curing life-threatening diseases and conditions such as spinal cord injury, blindness, heart disease, Cancer and Diabetes, to name a few.

The foundation was set up to fill the critical gap in funding that hindered the potential of stem cell research when establishing new treatments for such conditions. Stem cells have the potential to change into another cell type in the body such as a nerve cell or muscle cell that could be used to treat the conditions above.


Why Are We Working With UKSCF?
Here at The Skinny Food Co, we were born on the notion of being accessible to all lifestyles and diets including a diabetic one. We pinpointed this condition especially because our founders’ family have a background of Diabetes, and they realised that there was a huge gap in the market for products that would still deliver the same great taste of major brands while also being heavily low in sugar contents.

With this in mind, they knew the struggle of a diabetic-friendly diet and what diabetics have to succumb to to stay healthy and happy. So, that’s where the decision of working with UKSCF for a campaign dedicated to the research for Diabetes came into play. 


We Need Your Help
By helping us to raise money for this incredible cause, you could support the change of someone’s life. We understand that right now, money isn’t easy to come by and it is precious, but for those who need it the most, that spare change could be the difference between several more years spent with their family and a hospital bed. 

If you’d like to get involved and help us raise money for UKSCF, please head over to our Just Giving Page or find a donation option at our checkout page where you can donate as little or as much as you desire. Every single penny helps, and we will be eternally grateful for any support you decide to give; whether that is sharing this blog or sparing a pound or two.



UKSCF have qualified for the Corona Virus relief fund which means that if you head over to their Local Giving Page, all donations will be matched; from £1 to £75 with no upper limit on donations!


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