The Skinny Food Co Christmas Gift Guide Part 2!

The Skinny Food Co Christmas Gift Guide Part 2! | theskinnyfoodco

Last month we mentioned a few of our products that would make great gifts for everyone, this month we decided to step it up a notch and make things that little bit easier too – we’ve created some amazing bundles, exclusive for Christmas that also come in your choice of 2 gift boxes or bags!

 As an exclusive for adding these to your Christmas shopping, you will also receive a £5 off voucher when you spend over £15 with us when you buy a Christmas Variety box – the decisions just keep getting easier.

Variety Gift Bundle

For all the Chocolate Lovers we have an amazing Gift Bundle that’s perfect! This is full of some of our favourite best sellers and some great new products to delve in to! Not only does this come with our new festive box packaging, but it includes;

 Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Low Sugar Skinny Chocoholic Snack Pot
Low Sugar Choco Drops Tube
Salted Caramel Zero Calorie Syrup (425ml)
Smokey BBQ Virtually Zero Sauce (425ml)
Espresso Martini Sugar Free Flavour Cocktail Drop (50ml)
Low Sugar Chocoholic DUO Flavoured Spread (350g)

If you’re unsure as to how our chocolate products are even better than other brands, make sure you check out our Chocolate Comparisons video and blog on our YouTube channel!   

There is something to suit everyone in this bundle – from sweet lovers, to chocoholics and those who want to spice up any drink with our flavour drops this Christmas, it’s a no brainer! Our Peanut Butter cups are a great low sugar alternative to other brands, just like our Chocaholic Snack pots – perfect for those on the go who need a chocolate fix every now and then! We’ve added our best-selling 425ml Salted Caramel syrup and Smokey BBQ sauce in here too, perfect for adding that little bit extra to any meal. Our DUO spread is a firm favourite for a lot, and can be used for anything – baking to add that little extra fun inside a cake, or drizzled on pancakes – makes us peckish just thinking about it! This Gift Bundle is only £19.99 and the best part about it? It arrives already packaged, so all you have to do is take the credit and make someone’s Christmas extra special (and low sugared)!



Trio Coffee Syrup and Non Dairy Creamers Bundle

If you have any on your Christmas Gift List who is Vegan or leads a dairy-free lifestyle we’ve got you covered! Our Trip Coffee Syrup and Non-Dairy Creamer Bundle is perfect! We’ve created a great 1 Litre gift bundle of 3 of our favourite additions to a coffee to make it extra tasty; 

1 Litre Glazed doughnut Non-Dairy Creamer
1 Litre Irish Cream Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer
1 Litre Hazelnut Praline Sugar Free Coffee Syrup

This is perfect for the on-the-go who can now create amazing flavoured coffees without the price and the sugar quantities of well-known coffee shops! Our Glazed doughnut Creamer proved a massive hit in our Black Friday Bundle and this Christmas we want to be the gift that keeps on giving!

 There is no better way to add a festive twist to your hot drinks this festive season than with our Irish Cream Coffee Creamer! It’s a great non-alcoholic version of Bailey’s too! We are obsessed with this flavour – we’ve even made a delicious Irish Cream cheesecake so make sure you check out the recipe!  

 Our Coffee Syrups have proved a massive hit this year, one of your favourite flavours – Hazelnut Praline has a rich nutty taste and can be added to anything – turn a plain coffee into a hearty winter drink and we think you’ll be having a very merry Christmas! 

Trio Christmas Ultimate Coffee Syrup Bundle

The Barista Syrups have been that much of a success, we’ve even made an Ultimate Trio Bundle of them! Our 3 gorgeous new Salted Caramel flavours will make the perfect gift for all the coffee lovers! This gift bag contains;

 Salted Caramel Pecan
Salted Caramel Vanilla
Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge

 These 3 new arrivals are a salted caramel lover’s idea of heaven and they can be used on anything too – not just in Coffee! They are diabetic friendly and have no added sugar too, so everyone can enjoy a delicious sweet twist this winter.


Christmas Cocktail Trio Bundle 

As if these weren’t enough perfect gift bundles already, we’ve formed a Cocktail bundle too! We love the idea of making a delicious low sugar cocktail or mocktail for your Christmas parties! We’ve added all three of our Cocktail mixes –

 Porn Star Martini
Pina Colada
Sex on the Beach

You can add 3 parts of the mix to 1-part alcohol or you can enjoy them on their own!  With no added sugar these a great fun party drink for everyone to enjoy!

Christmas Coffee Syrup and Creamer Bundle

 We’ve also created a great combination of Syrup and a Non-dairy Creamer; Alongside the amazing Irish Cream Coffee creamer, we’ve added our New Amaretto Sugar-Free Barista Syrup! You can add the sweet Italian flavour to any warm cuppa this Christmas! Like all the others, this bundle comes in beautiful festive gift bag and is only £14.99!

Christmas Coffee and Mixer Duo Bundle

 Another great duo bundle we’ve added is our 1 Litre Gingerbread Biscuit Barista Syrup alongside our 1 Litre Sex on the Beach Cocktail mix. A coffee and cocktail mix is a perfect combo for the households who love the taste of everything! You can enjoy a delicious gingerbread coffee whilst unwrapping your presents and once the cooking is over, you can party it up with a refreshing cocktail!


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