3 Brand New 1 Litre Barista Syrups!

3 Brand New 1 Litre Barista Syrups! | theskinnyfoodco

3 Brand New 1 Litre Barista Syrups!

Our Barista coffee syrups are a huge fan favourite here at Skinny Food Co, so popular we've added another 3 flavours, now giving you a huge collection of 19 gorgeous flavours to try, which makes the choice just that little bit harder when adding flavour to your once plain coffee.

Like all of our Barista Syrups, these syrups are;

- Gluten Free
- Fat Free
- Zero Calorie 
- Vegan Friendly
- Sugar Free
- Suitable for Diabetics, Children, Keto

They've proved to be a great way to satisfy that sweet craving without any added sugar or calories to your hot drinks! Like all of our products, these can be enjoyed by all the family, in more than just coffee! They're great on fruit, baking, shakes, mixers and desserts. 

Check out some of our amazing recipes to see how else we use these delicious syrups.

Now you can be your own professional barista, without having to splash the cash on a delicious tasting coffee every morning - for the great price of only £6.49, what more could you wish for? 

Click the pictures to go straight to the product! 


Peanut Butter Barista Syrup

Our Peanut Butter flavoured products are so popular, and the collection is growing all the time! Now you can add that sweet, nutty taste to your coffee or even your hot chocolate, and why not top it with one of our amazing flavoured Peanut Butters too? 

White Chocolate Barista Syrup

If the taste of creamy white chocolate is more your style, then this one is perfect! It's just the right blend of that milky, velvety chocolate we all love? For that extra bit of sweetness, why not combine some of our amazing Vanilla Flavour Drops for that extra blend of creamy flavours. 


Cookie Dough Barista Syrup

Cookie Dough and coffee sounds like a match made in Heaven! It has a sweet, chocolatey cookie dough flavour that we can't get enough of, but of course, it's fat free, zero calorie and sugar free! 

Our Barista Syrups are much thinner than our 425ml syrups, meaning you only need approximately 15ml to every 200ml of coffee, or any other hot drink. This means you can enjoy over 65 amazing flavoured drinks with just 1 bottle! 



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