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Skinny Loaded potato skins
Serves 1 | Prep Time – 10 mins  | Total Time – 1 hr 30 mins

 Recipe by @eat_live_love


3 medium baking  potatoes

100g reduced fat cheddar

1 egg

1 large flat mushroom

3 bacon medallions

Salt and pepper

1-2 spring onions (finely sliced)

Low cal oil spray

4-5 slices of Skinny Food French Sausage (finely sliced)

Skinny Food BBQ and Garlic Mayo sauces for dipping!



Bake your potatoes in the centre of an oven at 200 deg C until cooked through and fluffy (around an hour)

Meanwhile, chop up the mushroom and bacon medallions and fry in a little spritz of oil spray for 2-3 mins.

Once the potatoes are cooked, leave them to cool slightly, then cut in half.

Scoop out the halves of the potatoes (leaving enough of the flesh behind to keep the shape of the skins)

Put all the scooped out flesh into a mixing bowl.

Place the skins on a lined baking tray. Spray them with some low cal oil spray, season with salt and pepper and put them back in the oven for 10 mins.

While they are crisping up, combine the potato flesh, cooked mushrooms, bacon, egg and 50g of the cheese in a bowl.

After 10 mins, take the skins out of the oven and fill each one with some of the mixture. Place back in the oven for 10 mins. Then sprinkle over the remaining cheese and return to the oven for a final 2-3 mins.

Plate them up and sprinkle over the fine slices spring onion and sausage. Serve with plenty of BBQ and garlic mayo sauce for dipping!


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