How To: Vegan Kebab Wrap

How To: Vegan Kebab Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

In celebration of the launch of our newest addition to the FakeAway sauce range, our Sugar Free Kebab Sauce, we wanted to give our lovely customers some inspiration on how to knock up a quick, but extremely tasty vegan-friendly kebab wrap using this newbie and several other healthy ingredients which you can find below. So, without further ado, here’s what you will need:

-A generous serving of our Sugar Free Kebab Sauce
-1 Cal Pure Olive Oil Cooking Spray
-Plant Greek kebab meat
-1 tortilla wrap
-Mixed salad (to your liking)


-Spray a frying pan with our 1 Cal Olive Oil Cooking Spray, then add the kebab-style meat and fry until golden and crisp

-Add a large dollop of FakeAway Sugar Free Kebab Sauce, and give it a nice mix

-Layer the salad on top of a tortilla wrap, before adding the sauced up kebab. To finish off, lather on some more Sugar Free Kebab Sauce and there you have it, a low fat, vegan-friendly tasty kebab!

For more quick and easy recipes, make sure that you keep an eye on our blog, as well as our YouTube channel, which will be showcasing this recipe, as well as many others. We have so many low sugar sauces available in our FakeAway range and at The Skinny Food Company’s website too, so go and get your shop on, and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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