Four Simple Swaps to Save You Over 6500 Calories a Month

Four Simple Swaps to Save You Over 6500 Calories a Month | theskinnyfoodco




“How can I use The Skinny Food Co products in my daily meals?” 

“What are the benefits of making the switch to your products?”

“What are the differences between your sauces and syrups and any others on the market?”


Ask and you shall receive. A lot of you may be delighted to find out that The Skinny Food Co now offers a weekly blog post to answer any and all queries about our products, share some insights about our range, as well as make you aware of any and all future endeavours of the brand as we continue to grow. Others may roll your eyes in discontent; yes, yet another healthy lifestyle blog, lecturing you on how to dress your salad. “Let me eat my salad in peace!”, you cry. Certainly. But what could liven up lunch more than some Skinny Food Co Garlic Mayonnaise and a quick blog post to read over your lunch break?


With a widespread reach on our website, I wanted to take the time and really connect with our customers, both present and prospective, by taking some time from my week to warmly greet you all to the Skinny Food Co blog and thank you for stopping by while you are browsing our range. February is a significant month for our customer base; Sugar Free February is in full swing and those who shop our products, regardless of reason, are appreciative of the fact that our products contain zero sugar. Although the difference is significant, it is important to note that whether you are a fitness fanatic, a parent, an allergy sufferer or seeking to make a small change in your diet, we can all agree that taste should not be compromised. The Skinny Food Co values are implemented here; with our products, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you will.


Let me paint a picture of how making the switch to our products for one month can make the world of a difference to your calorie intake. Maybe you will have guessed that where I was going with this by reading the title of the blog before diving in. I commend this type of thinking ahead. Let’s get started!


If you are a person who manages to have breakfast every morning, you are already much better than me when it comes to lifestyle choices; I, unfortunately, still can’t find the time in the mornings to sit down and eat. Regardless, I would like for you to imagine a hot bowl of porridge in front of you and standing right next to it on the counter, a steaming cup of coffee. Today is the day that you consider adding some Golden Syrup to your porridge; you reach into your cupboard and pull out a Lyle’s Golden Syrup. A seemingly solid option when it comes to brands we know of and have perhaps, used before. However, when comparing the amount of calories in The Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup and Lyle’s, a 15ml serving can take you back by 1445cals when using the syrup consecutively, for 30 days. When it comes to Skinny Golden Syrup, the figures are staggering; 18cals for 15ml for 30 days, meaning that breakfasts are now, absolutely #GuiltFree, considering the empty calories we know condiments can set us back by.

Save 1427 calories a month with our Golden syrup.


Points if you paid attention; I have also mentioned an imaginary cup of coffee when writing about your hypothetical porridge. Let’s consider the possibility that today is the day you decide that normal coffee does not suffice; you want to make a change in this too. Look at you, stepping out of your comfort zone! You suddenly remember this year’s Christmas present from your in-laws – a make your own Costa coffee set. You reach out for the Salted Caramel Monin syrup but pause because you remember the repercussions of empty calories. You would be right, because the Skinny Food Co Salted Caramel syrup contains zero calories per serving. If having two Salted Caramel coffees a day means using Monin, a 15ml serving over a month equates to 1629cals, whereas the Skinny Food Co’s syrup will only set you back by 18cals a month. You are welcome to enjoy two cups of coffee every day for a month – just make sure to keep yourself occupied when the caffeine hits!

Save 1611 calories a month with our Salted Caramel syrup.


Moving on to lunch, when you finally have some time to be alone with a sandwich which you’ve been lovingly thinking about throughout the morning. Some of you may disagree, but mayonnaise, in my opinion, is the best and most simple way to dress up a sandwich. The idea of having ham between two plain slices of bread sets my teeth on edge. While Hellmann’s offer a full fat mayonnaise equating in 3000cal per 15ml serving on a monthly basis, Skinny Food Co save the day with Original Mayo where you can add 15ml to your meals daily, for 30cals for a month! Have another sandwich to celebrate!

Save 2970 calories a month with our Original Mayo.


Exhaustion sets in when you come home from work; rightly so, you’re tired of counting calories where they should not be applicable! Let me make you dinner. Or rather, let’s imagine dinner together, and I can talk you through some statistics when it comes to the nation’s favourite condiment; Tomato Ketchup. What do you fancy? Perhaps you’re a meat eater and would love a burger? If so, ketchup will not go amiss between layers of salad, cheese and a patty, however, I would like for you to choose wisely. Heinz may be the first brand which comes to mind when it comes to tomato sauce, however, a daily consumption of 15ml per serving will tally up to 459cals, whereas the Skinny Food Co tomato ketchup will leave you satisfied with your meal at 99cals per 15ml a month. Time to relax after a long day knowing that you have saved yourself not only loads of empty calories a month (we’ll discuss the results in a second), but also that you did not compromise on taste in the slightest, with our range offering a new outlook on a healthy lifestyle change for any reason.

Save 360 calories a month with our Tomato Ketchup.


Let’s quickly sum up – All of the figures and statistics mentioned above would equate to 6,533 calories when using well-known brands on the market. The Skinny Food Co reign supreme with 165 calories for a monthly, every day use at 15ml per serving for each sauce and syrup. In order to burn 6,533 calories, an average adult would need to commit to 19 hours of walking! Best skip the morning commute and purchase some running shoes... Or, you know, Skinny Food Co products.



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