Eton Mess French Toast

Eton Mess French Toast | theskinnyfoodco

Wow, a breakfast packed with protein and low in calories! The easiest way to sustain a healthy diet is to make food you enjoy, but sometimes with a slight twist. Packing each meal full of protein, while using some low-calorie alternatives can really help to keep you on track.

This French toast recipe tastes just as delicious as your usual one (we think even better!) but with much less sugar. Also, is there anything more delicious than combining pudding with breakfast?



  1. Whisk the 2 eggs and Strawberry Crush Flavour Drops together in a shallow bowl.
  2. Next, soak the slices of bread in the mixture before adding to a hot pan. Fry lightly with the spray oil until browned.
  3. While the ‘toast’ cooks, add the vanilla protein powder into a small bowl with Greek yoghurt and mix. It should be smooth with no lumps!
  4. Serve your French toast with the yogurt topping. Add chopped strawberries and crushed Strawberries & Cream Meringue Bites to finish.



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