Amazing Easter Treats Using Our Skinny Syrups

It’s lucky Easter only comes around once a year, what with chocolate eggs and little sweet treats everywhere we look from as early as now right up until after Easter, it can be difficult to resist temptation. Thanks to our #NotGuilty zero sugar, zero calorie syrups, you can satisfy your sweet tooth minus the guilt. Of course, we don’t expect you to totally avoid the temptation of Easter but we’re here to help you curb those unnecessary calories and enjoy our scrumptious recipes fit for the whole family.  

  1. Banana bunny pancakes


120ml of water, milk or dairy-free alternative

45g of our #NotGuilty low sugar pancake mix

1 Banana

2 teaspoons of our #NotGuilty syrup (any flavour)

Chocolate chips  


Chop the banana lengthways and into 6 even pieces and set aside 6 chocolate chips. Add the 120ml of your chosen liquid into a cup or bowl and whisk in the pancake formula until it is consistent and lump free. Leave to rest for 60 seconds before adding to a frying pan on high heat with low-calorie cooking spray. Cook until perfectly golden on both sides and plate up. Top each pancake with bananas for ears, and chocolate chips for eyes to create a cute little treat guaranteed to go down well with the children. Top your pancakes with one of our #NotGuilty syrup, squeezing away until your heart’s content.


  1. Chocolate ‘nice’ cream


Frozen bananas

50ml skimmed milk or dairy-free alternative

3 teaspoons of #NotGuilty chocolate syrup

Toppings of your choice (we suggest fruit, one of our syrups and of course, some mini eggs) 


Chop up some bananas and freeze overnight in freezer bags. The following day, blend the bananas with milk or dairy-free alternative in a food processor until you get a silky consistency, add in our #NotGuilty chocolate syrup and blend for a further 5 seconds. Serve into chilled bowls and top with your favourite Easter treats for a totally delicious dessert that is kind to our waistlines.


  1. White chocolate and berry Easter Yoghurt bark


1 teaspoon of coconut water

3 cups of Greek yoghurt

2 cups of our #NotGuilty white chocolate syrup

½ cup of frozen pomegranate seeds

½ cup of frozen summer berries of your choice


Throw the coconut water and summer berries into a blender and blend until smooth, In a bowl mix the Greek yoghurt with our #NotGuilty syrup and the blended berries. Line a tray with parchment paper and spread the ingredients out evenly before topping with the frozen pomegranate seeds. Freeze for at least 6 hours before taking out and topping with one of our syrups of your choice and cutting into bark pieces with a sharp knife. These little bars of goodness make the perfect alternative to a sugar-packed chocolate bark and look totally appetising!

If you try your hand at any of our recipes or have one of your own, we want to see your creations! Be sure to #NotGuilty on social media or share your picture with us on our Facebook. Here’s to enjoying all the sweet treats associated with Easter minus the guilt!




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