4 Dinners For Fussy Kids

4 Dinners For Fussy Kids | theskinnyfoodco

Struggling to feed your kids without a tantrum? Do we have the solution for you! Read our blog and watch our YouTube video for 4 super easy, quick recipes that your kids will love you for!

  1. Cheese and Tomato Quesadillas 

You’ll need: 

2 tortilla wraps

Fake Away® Pizza Sauce 



Skinny Food 1 Calorie Olive Oil spray

  • Spread the Pizza Sauce over one of the wraps, chop up the tomatoes, grate the cheese and spread over the tortilla

  • Cover with the second tortilla wrap

  • Apply the Olive Oil spray to the pan on a medium heat

  • Place the quesadilla into the pan to make each side golden brown

  1. Hot Dog Spirals

You’ll need:

Puff pastry 

Hot dogs

Egg or Skinny Egg Replacer

Skinny Food Sauce (we recommend ketchup)!

  • Cut the puff pastry into strips 

  • Spiral the strips around the hot dogs 

  • Apply egg or Skinny Food Egg Replacer onto pastry 

  • Cook for 20 minutes

  1. Homemade Chicken Nuggets 

You’ll need:

Egg or Skinny Egg replacer




Skinny Spices 

Skinny 1 Calorie Olive Oil Spray 

Skinny Smokey BBQ Sauce 

  • Whisk egg or egg replacer 

  • Place flour into one bowl, breadcrumbs in another, chicken in another. 

  • Coat the chicken strips into flour, then egg/egg replacer, then breadcrumbs (repeat)

  • Place on a baking tray 

  • Coat the chicken nuggets with Skinny Spices and Skinny Olive Oil Spray 

  • Cook until golden brown (always check chicken is thoroughly cooked)

  • Dip In Skinny Smokey BBQ Sauce!

  1. Vegetable Pizza

You’ll need:

Fake Away® Pizza Base

Fake Away® Pizza Sauce




  • Cover Fake Away® Pizza Base in Pizza Sauce 

  • Add mozzarella on top 

  • Cut up tomatoes and pepper (and whatever other toppings you choose) 

  • Place onto pizza

  • Cook for 10 minutes


 See our YouTube video for a step-by-step video guide.


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