3 Ways with our Pancake Day Bundle

3 Ways with our Pancake Day Bundle | theskinnyfoodco

Our sell out Pancake Day Bundle has been such a huge hit with our customers that it only seemed right to create three amazing pancake toppings to go with it! Our pancake mix makes 10 delicious fluffy pancakes, and they are only 21 calories each! 

Along with 2 packets of our Pancake mix, we've added our zero calorie Golden syrup, Maple syrup, 1 jar of our favourite Hazelnut Chocoholic Spread and 2 low sugar tubes of Choco Drops! Of course, these products are low sugar and low calorie, meaning pancake cake day is back on the menu!

Choco Drops Pancakes

For the first delicious pancake topping, we warmed up the Chocoholic Hazelnut Spread and drizzled very generously over a stack of pancakes. This is amazing for the chocolate lovers as we then topped the spread with our Choco Drops - the best way to add some colour too! 

Raspberry & Maple Pancakes

To make this super tasty raspberry compote style all we did was add some hot water to the raspberries! This one is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, who love to add a fruity twist. For an extra addition of sweetness, we poured over some of our amazing Maple syrup! 

Instead of using fresh raspberries, why not try toping the pancakes with some of our SFC Low sugar Raspberry Jam.. sounds like a great idea to us! 


Banana, Blueberry and Golden Pancakes

We went bananas for this one! This is perfect for all pancake and fruit lovers. We've added a banana and some blueberries, a nutritious topping and a perfect match for our Zero Calorie Golden Syrup. 

Why not stop here? We love to see your amazing creating using our products so be sure to tag us in these over on our social media page! 

We hope you have a great pancake day feast! 



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