3 Simple Snacks for Christmas

3 Simple Snacks for Christmas | theskinnyfoodco

We've already showed you how to make some amazing festive treats, but don’t worry, there’s myrrh...

Chocolate Topped Biscuits 


With the children off school, we’ve come up with some great ideas to keep them busy in the kitchen and get their creativity flowing! These low sugar chocolatey treats are not only easy for the whole family to enjoy but are super delicious!


You will need;

9 light digestive biscuits

20g SFC White Chocaholic spread

20g SFC Salted Caramel spread

20g SFC Mint Chocaholic spread

1/2 pack SFC White Chocolate Crispies

1/2 pack SFC Milk Chocolate Crispies 

10g mini marshmallows

5g rainbow sprinkles



  1. For your first biscuit, drizzle your white Chocoholic spread all over. Top with mini marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles!
  2. Taking a new biscuit, dip half into a bowl of Salted Caramel Chocoholic spread. Top this one with crush up Skinny Food Co milk chocolate Crispies.
  3. Finally, cover a new biscuit with our Mint Chocoholic Spread and top this one with crushed up white chocoholic Crispies. 


There are 114 calories per biscuit here, with 15.4g of carbs, 5.1g of fat and 2.2g of protein. You can always mix and match all the ingredients too, so be sure to tag us in photos of what yummy creations you come up with!  





Chocolate Orange Bark 


You will need:


1 jar SFC Orange Chocaholic spread

1 packet SFC White Chocolate Crispies

25g salted pretzels 


  1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and pour out your Orange Chocoholic spread. 
  2. Spread evenly and add your salted pretzels all over. 
  3. Finally, sprinkle over a packet of crushed up White Chocolate Crispies.
  4. Place in the freezer until set and break these into chunks. 


Per 25g piece, there is only 139 calories, 14.5g of carbs, 10.3g of fat and 1.2g of protein! 



Chocolate Cookie Truffles


This final recipe was a huge hit here at Skinny Food HQ and we couldn’t wait to share this one with you! 


You will need: 


1 pack SFC Edible Cookie Dough

25ml coconut oil (melted)

45ml water

40g SFC Salted Caramel spread

40g SFC Chocaholic Mint spread

40g SFC White Chocaholic spread

1 pack of SFC Milk Choc Crispies

1 pack of SFC White Choc Crispies

20g chopped hazelnuts 



  1. Follow the instructions on our Edible Cookie Dough mix packet. 
  2. Crush up your White and Milk Chocolate Crispies and melt the Chocoholic spread.
  3. Dip the cookie dough truffles into melted spread and the crispies of your choice. 
  4. Place on a baking tray and freeze until set. 


These are so delicious, and for only 100 calories each! They also contain 10.3g of carbs, 5.5g of fat and 3.1g of protein! 


A round of santa-plause for these recipes! Don’t forget to tag us in photos of your creations! 


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