3 Incredible Chocolate Recipes for Christmas!

3 Incredible Chocolate Recipes for Christmas! | theskinnyfoodco

3 Incredible Chocolate Recipes for Christmas!

There is nothing we love more than Chocolate and Christmas - so we've add another 3 recipes for you to try at home this winter, and yes, you guessed it - recipes with low sugar but still the same delicious taste we all enjoy! These will be perfect for any office fuddle, family party, or even a Christmas Day dessert.. 

 Irish cream Chocolate Cheesecake

You Will Need:

200g light digestive biscuits

100g unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing

125g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

720g light cream cheese

280ml light double cream

100g icing sugar

75ml SFC Irish Cream Creamer

Cocoa powder to dust


1. Put your light digestive biscuits in to sealed bag and crush them into small pieces. 

2. Melt your unsalted butter and 100g of the dark chocolate in a heat proof dish over boiling water.

3. add the biscuit crumbs and mix together.

4. add grease proof paper to a cake tin and grease with the extra butter.

5. Take your biscuit crumb mix and pat this down in the dish. Don't forget to grease the sides of the tin and place in the fridge to set!

6. Taking a new mixing bowl, soften the cream cheese. 

7. Mix together the icing sugar and light double cream and whisk. Add this to the cream cheese and pour 75ml of Skinny Food Co Irish Cream Coffee Creamer. 

8. Melt the remaining dark chocolate. 

9. Add the cream dish to the biscuit layer and pour over the melted chocolate. 

10. You can create some amazing patterns on the top of the cheesecake! Leave in the fridge for as long as possible to set. 

11. For a great finishing touch, sprinkle over the cocoa powder. 

The calories per slice are 370 - a little more than our usual recipes but by swapping for light versions of a lot of our ingredients we were able to more than half the calories! This also contains 30g of carbs, 24.5g of fat and 7g of protein. 



Chocolate Berry Meringues

You will need:

8 meringue nests

250g 0% fat Greek style yogurt

50g SFC Chocaholic Hazelnut spread

50g SFC White Chocaholic spread

5 drops of SFC Chocolate Heaven flavour drops 

100g strawberries 

100g raspberries

1. Add your 0% fat Greek style yogurt to a bowl and mix in the Skinny Food Co Chocoholic Hazelnut Spread. Add in the Chocolate Heaven flavour drops too!

2. chop your strawberries in half.

3. Add a spoonful of the yoghurt mix into each meringue nest and top with the fruit.

4. Drizzle on some of our amazing White Chocoholic Spread for the finishing touch! 

There are only 143 calories per nest - alongside 22.6g of carbs, 4.9g of fat and 3.5g of protein. A perfect sweet treat! 


Triple Cookie Brownie Slice 

1 packet of SFC Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

1/2 a packet of SFC Brownie Mix (make up whole pack & use half)

1/4 a packet of SFC Edible Cookie Dough (make up whole pack & use a quarter)

50g SFC Chocaholic spread

45ml oil

25ml coconut oil 

200ml water 

1 egg


1. Follow the instructions for our Edible Cookie Dough mix - once made, add this to a lined square baking tray and leave in the fridge till it is set. 

2. Then, follow the instructions to our Chocolate Brownie mix - once this has been made, add the mix on top of the set cookie dough. Cook this for 15 minutes at 170 degrees. 

3. Allow this to cool and prepare another mix of the Edible Cookie Dough. 

4. Drizzle our Skinny Food Co Chocoholic spread on top of the brownie once cooled. 

5. Crumble the new batch of Cookie Dough on top of this and allow to cool. 

This can then be served into 9 square pieces and are only 196 calories per square! They also contain 24.1g of carbs, 8.2g of fat and 6.4g of protein. 


Don't forget to tag us in all of your creations this Christmas so we can see what you have been up to! 


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