The Skinny Food Co Have the Hots for Sriracha!

The Skinny Food Co Have the Hots for Sriracha! | theskinnyfoodco

Introducing our new HOTTEST saucy family member. Real eye candy!

Finding wholesome and low calorie spicy food has been a little bit of a struggle for me, regarding following a healthy lifestyle. The Skinny Food Co are pleased to announce a new arrival to the range; our very own Sriracha Hot Sauce. Believed to have been invented in Sri Racha, Thailand, it is important for me to express not only the versatility of the sauce, but also its important addition to our brand.

Lovers of spicy food like me will never go without having the hot sauce in their cupboards and fridges and nothing will seem more comforting than an omelette covered in Sriracha paired with topping of their choice. Considering the simplicity of slathering your favourite sauce onto your equally favourite dishes, can only mean that the Skinny Sriracha will be your new go to. Of course, this news only concerns those of us who genuinely enjoy the unexpected kick of a hot sauce, but I am confident that this addition will change the minds of even the non-believers.


How do I use the Sriracha Hot Sauce? A relatively simple question when it comes to any of our products, however, this time, the uses are quite literally, endless. When it comes to my household, a stir fry is a strong contender; a delicious and simple way of keeping things healthy and at the same time, adding extra protein into your diet, remaining #GuiltFree, as expected. Needless to say, Sriracha is a huge convenience in the sense of being a delicious condiment, as well as an exciting twist in your every day meal. However, there are far more uses of this handy hot sauce, that even I, a lifelong fan of the condiment, have missed. Consider sinking your teeth into Sriracha Brownies, or Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookies! Intrigued? I would be too! These recipes are all available for you online, at the simple click of a button, but adding something that is so low in calories and sugar, would be a tasty bonus for anyone interested in trying these adventurous desserts.

This brings me to statistics and how our Sriracha can measure up to its more caloric counterpart. Covering your noodles in oodles of the sauce is tempting but it’s time to get the boring bit out of the way. Every 10ml serving of our Sriracha contains a mere 1kcal and an astonishing 0g of sugar and carbs; an impressive juxtaposition to the well-known Flying Goose brand. Flying Goose Sriracha contains 14.4kcals, 2.8g of carbs, and 2.2g of sugar per 10mls! Fly free and #GuiltFree when you’re pouring hot sauce onto your ramen!

To conclude, my mother has always given the best life advice and combined it with our mutual love for food; “Live life with a little spice,” she tells me. Nothing would be easier with The Skinny Food Co Sriracha. The office is abuzz this week with this arrival, but perhaps it’s just me, running around in frenzy, letting everyone know about the groovy news. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have the hots for Sriracha, forever and always. I’ll catch up with you next week, who knows what I’ll be excited about then! If you like the sound of it add to your basket below.





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