Savvy Sugar Swaps: The Skinny Food Co Vs. Major Brands

Savvy Sugar Swaps: The Skinny Food Co Vs. Major Brands | theskinnyfoodco

Have you tried out our sweet condiments? What most people don’t know is the amount of sugar they can save by swapping out their major branded jams and condiments to our Low Sugar products. The question is, how much sugar are we talking about? In today’s article, we’re going to show you just how much sugar our products can save you.


1. Sugar Free Golden Syrup
Yes, you read that right! Our Zero Calorie Golden Syrup is sugar free! In fact, if you put the sugar contents of 100g of Lyle’s Golden Syrup, you’re met with a whopping 80.5g of sugar. Whereas, our Zero Calorie Golden Syrup has 0g in! It’s completely sugar free, making it highly suitable for diabetics, and those looking to cut down on their sugar intake.

2. Maple Syrup
Next up, we have the infamous Maple Syrup. Again, our Zero Calorie Maple Syrup is sugar free! If we take a look at the popular brand Clarks’ which holds 55g of sugar in 100ml, it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Again, our Zero Calorie Maple Syrup is suitable for diabetics and makes the perfect topping for your breakfasts and desserts.

3. Strawberry Syrup
Nothing beats a bit of sauce on top of your ice cream, right? If you go for Askey’s Treat! Strawberry Syrup, you’re looking at 75g worth of sugar per 100ml. If you get your hands on The Skinny Food Co’s Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly Syrup, well, there is no sugar! That’s right, this is another sugar free syrup in our dessert range.

4. Chocolate Syrup
Next up, we’ve got one of the chocaholics. Our Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup holds 0g in sugar compared to Askey’s again which contains 70g! If this won’t make you swap, we don’t know what will at this stage. Our Zero Calorie chocolate syrup is perfect on top of porridge, ice cream and when you just squirt it in your mouth.

5. Jams
Now we move onto the jams. Strawberry jam is a classic, but what if we told you that in 100ml of Hartley’s Strawberry jam, you’re consuming 55g of sugar? In comparison, consume 100ml of our Low Sugar Strawberry Jam and you’re given a tiny 4g! 

This is the same for the rest of our jams too. Our Low Sugar Raspberry Jam, as well as the apricot, blackcurrant, black cherry and orange marmalade all hold only 4g of sugar. See below for the comparisons of these and major brands and then do the right thing and pair your toast with jam that cares.

Hartley’s Raspberry Jam- 56g per 100ml

Hartley’s Apricot Jam- 56g per 100ml

St. Dalfour Black Cherry Jam- 52g per 100ml

Robinson’s Golden Shred Orange Marmalade- 53g per 100ml

Hartley’s Blackcurrant Jam- 54g per 100ml

6. Chocolate Spread
Last but not least, and the one you’ve all been waiting for, we have the Nutella comparison. In a jar of the infamous Nutella Spread, you’re looking at 56.3g of sugar per 100ml. If you take our Low Sugar Hazelnut Spread, you got that right, it’s only 4.3g per 100ml. This is an extravagant comparison and one that shouldn’t be missed. Our chocolate spread range is best selling, and we know why. It’s tasty, palm oil free, diabetic friendly and low in calories.

Have we convinced you to make some savvy swaps with your sweet condiments? We hope so! Don’t forget, we cater to a wide audience, including diabetics, vegans and gluten and soy intolerances. Head over to our website to stock your cupboards today.



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