About Sugarwise - An Introduction To The Certification


A number of our products on offer here at The Skinny Food Co are Sugarwise certified. But what does that mean? We explain below...

Sugarwise was founded by Rend Platings in 2015 with a vision to make a difference. Rend wanted to make a positive change after reading a WHO (world health organisation) report stating that we should limit our intake of free sugars to no more than 5% of our daily calories.

Free sugars are added to products as well as sugars naturally present in honey, fruit juice and syrups. A lot of products that are marketed as ‘healthy’ and ‘sugar free’ are high in free sugars. The goal of Sugarwise is simple:

- To increase the amount of low free sugar choices available in today’s market.
- Raise awareness and drive the demand for lower sugar products.
- Encourage clarity and transparency in labelling to allow shoppers to truly understand what they are purchasing.
- To make it more straightforward for people to make educated lower sugar choices.

The Sugarwise certification is available across the 28-member states of the EU, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and our home, the UK, so be sure to look out for this label in these countries.

The Sugarwise criteria

The Sugarwise criteria outlines a number of certification classes that a product must follow to advertise within the European Union. The products you’ll find when shopping The Skinny Food Co will be marked with three logos as seen below:

The Sugarwise logo and certified low sugar logo demonstrate that:
- This product contains a maximum of 2.5g of overall sugars per 100ml for a drink product or;
-5g of overall sugars per 100g for food products.



Teaspoons Logo:
- The 0 teaspoons logo can be used alongside the Sugarwise mark and the sugar-related claim being certified.
- This logo is an additional way of demonstrating “no added sugar”.

When you see all three logos together, as you will on some of The Skinny Food Co products, this expresses that both the low sugar and no added sugar claims have been certified by Sugarwise.

More on Sugarwise

In addition to operating the certification system, Sugarwise advocates, educates and campaigns for the increased availability, visibility and demand for low free sugar options around the world. Find out more about the Sugarwise movement here.

Some of The Skinny Food Co Sugarwise certified products
-Skinny #NotGuilty Low Sugar Chocoholic Chocolate Hazelnut Flavoured Spread
- #NotGuilty Raw Peanut Fruity Energy Balls
- #NotGuilty Low Sugar Pancake Mix

If these products look like your kind of thing, check out our recipe for Skinny Chocolate and Banana Pancakes.  If you love our products as much as we do, we want to hear from you! Tag us in your photos to be featured on our social media using the hashtags #SkinnyFoodCo & #NotGuilty. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to access a whole host of delicious guilt-free recipes, inspiration and discounts.

Look out for the Sugarwise Logo on our products.



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