5 Low Calorie Snacks That Are Filling

5 Low Calorie Snacks That Are Filling | theskinnyfoodco

What most people forget is that we also stock several low calorie snacks. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer savoury, we will always have something to satisfy your afternoon cravings. In today’s article, we’re going to show you 5 Low Calorie Snacks That Are Filling. Not only are they delicious, but they help you to snack less because they’ll satisfy you for longer.

1. High Protein Crispies

Not so long ago, we brought out our Milk Chocolate Crispies & White Chocolate High Protein Crispies. These little clusters of joy are packed full of 7.7g of protein, keeping you full for longer. Not only that, but they’re gluten free with no added sugar. For less than 100 calories, you will be met with a smooth, chocolatey taste sensation that’s crunchy and moreish. This high protein snack is perfect if you’re on the go, go to the gym or get the chocolate cravings.

High Protein Chocolate Snack


2. Skinny Chocaholic Snack Pot

Secondly, we have our Low Sugar Snack Pots. These delicious pots use our Low Sugar Hazelnut Spread, the extremely less calorific version of Nutella, on one side and Low Calorie bread sticks the other side. The idea is that you dip the sticks into the Low Sugar Chocolate Spread before you finish with your finger, of course. 

This nutty goodness is highly addictive, and for only 102 calories per pot, can you really go wrong? Palm oil free, diabetic friendly, low in sugar and absolutely scrummy. Low Sugar Chocolate Snack


3. Low Calorie Flapjacks

Next up is our Low Calorie Flapjack Mix. This bad boy can produce 9 flapjacks, at only 100 calories and 55p each! That’s right- all you need to do is follow the extremely easy instructions on the back of the pack and you will be given a chocolatey crunch like no other. Ideal if you enjoy a sweet and low calorie snack after your savoury meals or with a coffee.

Again, our low sugar flapjack mix is suitable for vegetarians and diabetics, as well as being soy free, gluten-free and palm oil free. 

Low Sugar Flapjacks


4. Low Calorie Banana Bread Mix

Up fourth is our Low Calorie Banana Bread Mix. Same as the flapjack mix, all you need to do is follow the easy peasy instructions on the back of the packet and you will be left with 10 slices of pure heaven; especially as they’re only 100 calories too! This protein filled banana bread is high in fibre; a great snack option if you want to keep full and your sweet tooth at bay. 

Each slice of our Low Sugar Banana Bread works out at only 49p. With only natural colours and flavourings, and being palm oil free, soy free and vegetarian friendly, it’s a must.

Low Sugar Banana Bread


5. Mallow & Marsh Snack Bars

Last but not least, we thought we’d include one of our third party brands. Mallow & Marsh create some tasty snacks that you may want to feast on. Their marshmallow snack bars are low in calories, sugar and a fantastic alternative to the usual chocolate bars. Each bar, except Salted Caramel, is coated in dark chocolate, which is why chocoholics go mad for them. 

Don’t forget, we sell these low calorie snacks at the cheapest price on the market at only £13.99 for an entire box of 12. Choose from four flavours. 

Low Calorie Snack Bar

Have we given you inspo for your next low calorie snack? We hope so! If you want to check out our entire range of low calorie products, head over to our website.


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