The Truth Behind The Skinny Food Co Products

The Truth Behind The Skinny Food Co Products | theskinnyfoodco

The Truth Behind The Skinny Food Co Products

The Skinny Food Co started with good people, good food and the desire to make a positive difference to the world and those within it.

In 2018, inspired by a desire to improve the relationship their diabetic family members had with food, our co-founders – James Whiting and Wayne Starkey – set out with the vision of providing healthier, less calorie dense alternatives to the foods we all love and love to enjoy.

We started small, with Tomato Ketchup, Smokey BBQ and Chip Shop Curry sauce – all gluten, fat and dairy free with no added sugar – but quickly learned that everyone wanted a piece of what we offered, and they wanted more of it.

Our product range grew, and grew, then grew a bit more – to where it now boasts upwards of 500 products – but our vision constantly stayed the same and remained at the heart of everything we do, always. To provide everyone with a full serving of the foods they love without sacrificing their health.

Now, we have over well over 200 products and we are continuing to grow and innovate with new and exciting products - all for you.

We're about Skinny, not Skinny

When we say Skinny, we're talking about our food. Skinny because of the sugar and calories we take away - that is the only Skinny we care about.

We use vigorously tested ingredients and have spent a long time formulating and perfecting our recipes.

Need a second opinion? Visit our Success Stories page for our customer testimonials!

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