Success Stories With The Skinny Food Co: EP 1 Melanie

Success Stories With The Skinny Food Co: EP 1 Melanie | theskinnyfoodco

While we continue to rave about our products being gluten-free, vegan-friendly, diabetic-friendly and an all-round healthy alternative to other major brands, we realise that our customers want evidence of this.

So, below and behold, we are here today to bring you Melanie's story of how she became a Slimming World member in 2018 and has lost a staggering 3 stone! And of course, how our Slimming World friendly products have helped her along the way to keep on target and track of what she eats.

If you want to see Melanie's story in full, watch the video below ↓


Like Melanie, if you are a Slimming World member, don't forget that our products fit perfectly into your diet. Being low calorie and low in sugar, our products are low in syns!

This is only the first episode of The Skinny Food Co Success Stories so stay tuned for more, and make sure that you're always checking out what yummy content our customers are making over on our socials.




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