An Interview with Shannon Courtenay

An Interview with Shannon Courtenay | theskinnyfoodco

Shannon Courtenay: WBA female bantamweight title and Skinny Food Co

Dubbed 'one of the best female fights' Courtenay's victory against Bridges for the WBA Female Bantamweight Title is still one of the most talked about female fights. If you watched, you'd understand why - securing an unanimous win, Courtenay, who left behind a party lifestyle for women's boxing, fought an incredible match and an infamous ninth round worth watching over and over. 



 Aside from the amazing win, what was the highlight of the fight?

Just the entire fight in general it was such an action packed non stop war and I enjoyed every moment of it even the tough parts ! 

What is your favourite thing about boxing?

The discipline it gives me it’s allowed me to turn my life around, be a healthier & happier person and be a role model to young girls . 

 What do you think your fight has achieved for women’s boxing?

A lot of people are saying it’s the greatest women’s fight they’ve ever seen, it’s shown people that women can fight dig deep and be every more entertaining than the men !

How important is food with your training?

So important it’s not just food it’s my fuel! It allows me to training as hard as I do recover as well as I do. 

Talk us through a typical what you would eat in a day during your training

Because of the amount of training I do I have a high card and protein diet. 

I have porridge oats & water for breakfast , fish with veg or salad for lunch with rice and then chicken & salad for dinner and as a non guilty treat I’ll have  one Skinny Food snack a day for example some Chocolate Crispies or Choco Drops. 

 How have Skinny Food Co products been incorporated into your daily diet? 

It allows me to have a guilt free snack and not feel like I’m missing out on treats like chocolate etc , it doesn’t effect my weight cut when losing weight for my fights and it makes dieting so much easier. 

 Your favourite Skinny Food Co product

The Skinny Food strawberry jam! I could eat an entire jar on its own in one sitting haha !! 


You can watch the full interview via our Instagram page, or by clicking the image below! 



Women's boxing is becoming increasingly popular, with big fights like this one seeing more and more people tune in to large broadcasted matches. For women, boxing can be more than just a sport - but a community. A social sport, it combines all things from strength and power to body awareness. It's a full body workout from the get-go, increasing energy levels, improving heart and lung function, strengthen muscles and burning calories. There are so many boxing clubs and classes available from beginners to advanced level, so why not give boxing a try? 

You could find local classes via the England Boxing website too! 




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