Fitness with The Skinny Food Co: Sheridan Taylor

Fitness with The Skinny Food Co: Sheridan Taylor | theskinnyfoodco

Fitness with Skinny Food Co: Sheridan Taylor 

Our brand new series, 'Get up and Go with Skinny Food Co' is the perfect start for anyone wanting to get into a great fitness routine. From delicious breakfast inspiration using our favourite products, to some beginner fitness routines, these next few weeks will be just the inspiration you need to make you want to get up and get moving!

To give you some insight into how our products can become a consistent part of your daily routine, we've enlisted the help of Sheridan!  As a bodybuilder and a Thai fighter, a healthy diet is key. Using low sugar and sugar free alternatives, Sheridan can enjoy some amazing tasting foods, whilst sticking to a strict diet and workout plan. For his morning coffee, our Skinny Food Co Dairy Free Mocha Creamer gives the perfect chocolatey hit to start off the day, but of course, why stop there? Our Zero Sugar White Chocolate Syrup is one of the best additions to any bowl of porridge or pancakes, without having to worry about any extra sugar or calories! 

It's been great to chat with Sheridan, and even better to see just how our products have impacted his fitness journey and day-to-day diet! We’ve absolutely loved working with Sheridan and can’t wait to see what he gets up to next over on his Instagram account - @sheridantaylorofficial  


 Watch the video below to see for yourself! 



Get ready to Get up and Go with Skinny Food Co -  just in time for the reopening of the gyms! 

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